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Which of These 7 Behaviors is Secretly Killing Your Game?


By: Bobby Rio

How to Blow it With a Girl in 10 Days to Less

If you’re struggling to attract the type of girl you REALLY want? (not the annoying slightly chubby girl most guys settle for).

Then there is something important you need to understand.

Here it is?

It is easier to eliminate “unattractive” behavior then it is to become more attractive.

Let that sink in because it is a game changer.

Yes, the good news is that most of the time, just eliminating “unattractive” behavior is enough to put you over the edge.

What exactly do I mean by this?

Here is an example. Back in college I was extremely shy. And a bit socially awkward at social events.

In fact, I would get so far into my own head that I couldn’t speak. I’d second guess everything
I was going to say, so instead, I sat that there like a mute the entire time.

Girls would always ask “what is wrong?” or “are you ok?”

And when I did talk, I had thought about what I was going to say so much that it came out as forced and awkward.

In fact the more I tried to be funny, cool, or interesting? the more lame and awkward I appeared.

Then one day my friend gave me a piece of advice I heard a thousand times but for some reason that day it sunk in?

“Don’t over think it. Just talk”

And sure enough I gradually stopped over thinking what i was going to say and just said the first thing that came to mind?

And a few months later I had my first girlfriend. (Now, full disclosure, she was one of those annoying
chubby girls I mentioned earlier.)

But I learned a lesson with that experience.

Sometimes its not a matter of addition? its a matter of subtraction.

(In a lot of ways the entire Scrambler is all about subtracting out the behavior she expects…)

This means it is not about becoming better looking, funnier, or learning powerful “lines” or techniques you can use.

Sometimes it is just about figuring out one or two behaviors that are making you appear unattractive.

“Appear” is a key word there.

When I sat there like a Mute I “appeared” awkward and unattractive.

When I began to open up and talk more I “appeared” like a normal college guy.

7 Behaviors That Make You Appear Unattractive

1. Being “Clingy”

Clingy behavior is doing things like calling a girl too much, following her around at a party, not giving?her space, always trying to make plans with her, or just generally being “around” too much.

When you act “clingy” girls view you as unattractive because they assume you have no other options.

2. Being “Needy”

Needy behavior is when you’re out with a girl and you constantly need reassurance that she likes you.?”Everything alright?” “Are you having fun?” Or if you’re in a relationship with a girl and you keep?telling her “I love you” just because you need to hear her say it back.

Girls get turned off by neediness because if you’re acting like you’re not sure if she should like you? she starts second guessing herself.

3. Being “Unfunny”

Being “unfunny” is when you don’t recognize that you’re jokes aren’t making anyone laugh. It is also when you come across as too “try hard” and the girl can sense it.

This is so unattractive to girls because it makes you look “socially clueless.” And she assumes you’re not used to hanging around cool, fun people.

4. Dressing Bad

This is self explanatory. I’m not a fashion expert, but I’m smart enough to know that I have to at least try to appear stylish. It ?amazes me how many guys don’t want to put any effort into wearing fashionable clothes.

I can’t tell you how many guys would dramatically improve their success by just putting a little more thought and money into what they’re wearing. Yes, girls notice. Especially your shoes.

(here is a video with 5 pieces of clothing that will get you laid)

5. Being Creepy

I hate the word “creepy” because girls throw it around in such an ambiguous way. But here is a list of?behavior that generally comes across as creepy to a girl: staring at her too long before starting a conversation with her, asking too personal questions too soon, making ill-timed sexual references, knowing things about her you should not know (i.e., her feeling like you stalk her out on Facebook)

Creepiness is such a turn off because if feeds into the “fear” that all girls have of being taken advantage of or forced into doing something they don’t want to do. Not a vibe you want to give off.

6. Being too Nice

Yes, this is one that guys struggle with. It is so counter-intuitive that it drives a lot of us crazy.?It feels so right to want to do things for her, help her, compliment her, be a gentleman, be the perfect audience.

Yet, this sort of behavior creates a “friend” vibe that ruins your chances for creating sexual attraction in her.

7. Being too Scared

This is a big one. I suffered from this for a long time. I was too scared to talk to her, too scared to?ask her out, too scared invite her back to my place, too scared to kiss her, too scared to undress her?

Here is the thing about being “scared” to do any of these things? it makes you seem inexperienced?and unconfident. The good news is that just “not being scared” has the complete opposite effect. It?makes you appear experienced, confident, and attractive.

So be honest with yourself, which behaviors from that list do you need to eliminate?

For me, at various points in my life I was guilty of all of them. Yes, I can freely admit that I’ve?been the creepy guy.

The important thing is to be honest with yourself about which of the behaviors you need to work on?or eliminate.

Here is something that will blow your mind.

Other than physical appearance which only plays a small part? being free of those seven behaviors?is what makes a guy attractive.

Just not doing those seven things makes you appear VERY attractive to a girl.

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