13 Ways To Reignite Your Online/Text Game

Never send another boring text

Bland, uninspired?texting prevents a lot of guys from achieving any long-term results with women they meet. It’s easy to kill any attraction generated in person by sending her the same messages she receives from every other guy. Here’s a list of examples that can hopefully give you some ideas and help you develop your own effective texting style.

1. Qualify

Don’t just sell yourself; you need to convey the ways in which she needs to meet your standards. But it doesn’t always have to be 100 percent serious (and you’ll notice the way this woman flips the script at the end, demonstrating some game of her own):

Here’s another example. Women are always complaining about poor grammar usage by men in texting/online dating contexts, so I took this opportunity to jokingly reprimand a Tinder match for using incorrect grammar:

2. Turn the tables

Sometimes it’s funny for men to complain about problems that are usually specific to women. The first line of my Tinder bio, for example, says:?If one more girl on here snapchats a pic of her vag to me I will scream!?

That line has probably caused more women to send me an opening message on Tinder than any other line in any of my other online dating profiles.

Most men on Tinder are inundated with spam messages from female escorts. For my own amusement, I wanted to see how women like being on the receiving end of that sort of solicitation:

Here’s one last example of this concept, where I respond to a woman who texted me right after I left her place:

3. Pictures

Have some fun on Google images coming up with pictures you can incorporate into your texting:

4. Escalation

Look for opportunities to sexualize the conversation (if she’s receptive to it):

5. Know when to act fast

A woman sending the first message in any online dating setting is the biggest indicator of interest you can receive in the digital world, so no need to waste time:

6. Use information from her pictures

I made a date with a Tinder match who had a monkey in one of her pictures:

7. Anything can be an opener

I was just testing my wireless connection, but it goes to show your openers don’t have to be perfect:

8. Avoid the boring, typical answers

When she asks you how you’re doing, how your holidays went, etc., refrain from merely saying something like?It was good:

9.?Use your random knowledge

Everyone has interesting knowledge of some kind. Learn how to use it in a conversationally compelling way, as opposed to a lecturing, pedantic manner:

10.?Include statements in your profile that can start, or help continue, conversations

My About Me on my OkCupid profile, for example, says that I always keep my New Years resolutions:

11. Use humor to alleviate concerns

Women are usually the ones taking a greater risk by meeting someone off the internet, and sometimes you can put her at ease by making light of the situation:

You can use this concept to create openers too:

12. Asking how she’s doing

If you know she’s sick, send something more original than?Hey how are you feeling?:

13. Refreshers

Sometimes women might not remember you when you contact them the next day, especially if you met in a club, but you can use that blank canvas to your advantage:

The common theme among all these examples is that you shouldn’t send the easy, mundane text when you can put in a little extra effort to write something memorable.

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