Amazing Massage Technique For Female Arousal

I have a confession to make: I?d been feeling a little down in the dumps lately?don?t worry, nothing bad happened?

It?s just that?well?I haven?t had SEX in nearly a month:(

Sure, I get my pussy f*cked and pleasured on camera?But that?s my job. REAL sex, with a REAL guy?or girl?who turns me on when I?m off the clock is totally different?and makes me cum in totally different ways?

Sadly, I?m not really dating anyone at the moment, so?I?m sure you can imagine how painfully HORNY I?ve been!

I?m not throwing a pity party here?the reason I?m telling you this is because my dry spell turned out to have a silver lining?because it led me to discover a completely NEW kind of sexual release?all thanks to an ANCIENT EROTIC HEALING practice from India.

Not only did I have one of the DEEPEST orgasms of my life as a result of my remarkable discovery?today, I also woke up feeling physically and mentally rejuvenated?

Which is why I thought you might be interested in learning this mysterious technique, so YOU can perform it on your girl?

IF you?re okay with her thinking of you as sex GOD afterwards;)?and no, I?m NOT exaggerating!

I?m talking about YONI sexual massage?And once you give her one, I PROMISE, she won?t want anyone touching her pussy but you…

If you?ve never heard of yoni before, you?re not alone? I hadn?t either?until yesterday.

Here?s what happened?

Last night, I was?as I mentioned?feeling VERY sexually frustrated. My poor kitty was CRAVING some attention?but with no one around to pleasure me, I decided to take a nice, long walk to clear my head.

So?I wandered around aimlessly for hours?before realizing I?d gotten myself completely LOST, in a strange part of Downtown LA, I never even knew existed!

That was when I saw it?a sign taped to an otherwise unmarked door of an old brick building, with only the words ?SENSUAL MASSAGE THERAPY? written on it. Naturally, I was intrigued?so I knocked.

Within a few seconds, a man answered. He was probably in his late 40?s, but in his body was in AMAZING shape.

?Hello, my name is Singh?I take it you are interested in my service. Please take off everything you are wearing and lay down? he said warmly, pointing to a VERY large massage table in the center of the room.

I was slightly caught off-guard?I hadn?t even introduced myself and he already wanted me to get naked!

But something about Singh made me feel completely at ease, so I followed his instructions.

As I removed my clothes?including my bra and panties?he explained that his ?service? is something called ?yoni massage??a very special technique that has been practiced in India (where Singh is from) for THOUSANDS of years?It’s rooted in ancient Tantra teachings, and is meant to promote good health, inner peace, and restore balance of the body and mind?

He also told me that ?yoni? is a Sanskrit term for ?vagina.? According to ancient Tantric teachings, a woman?s pussy is a sacred place, which must regularly be worshiped?

So I knew right away this massage is JUST for girls;)

?But I have to warn you,? Singh added, ?yoni massage will cause you to have a very POWERFUL?physical reaction?And you should be ready for sensations you’ve never felt before.?

OKAY?here comes the part of the story where you?ll want to pay close ATTENTION?

Once I was on the table, Singh put a pillow under my ass to angle my pelvis slightly upwards, and told me to breathe slowly and deeply?

Then he asked me to spread my legs?like this:


Singh began the massage by gently stroking parts of my body–my shoulders, arms, hands?just as any other masseuse would.

?But all that changed when Singh ran his hands over my tits. It became clear this this was NOT going to be your typical rubdown.

My NIPPLES instantly got hard, to which he responded by lightly tracing them with his fingertips.

He then rubbed my legs, SLOWLY working his way up towards my yoni;) By the time he got to my inner thighs, I was already WET and QUIVERING in anticipation?Was this complete stranger really going to massage my pussy?! It was starting to look more and more likely?and I realized that, even though Singh wasn’t at all my type…I actually WANTED him to. BADLY.

Sure enough, Singh then took a tube of liquid lubricant (?you NEVER use regular massage oil on the yoni,? he said), and squeezed a little bit on my pubic bone, from where it slowly dripped down, over my outer labia, and into my slit?even though I had already started to get very WET down there on my own?

Applying minimal pressure, Singh proceeded to slide his palm up and down the outer lips of my pussy for several minutes?then, using his thumb and index finger, lightly squeezed and tugged at one, then the other.

When he sensed that my body was ready for the next step, he tenderly parted my yoni and worked my INNER LABIA? LIGHTLY holding each one between two fingers, he stoked them up and down?then gently pulled them apart.

My pussy looked like a blooming flower!

?Then, it was clit-time. I?d been so excited for him to touch it after all that build-up, that when he finally did, it felt absolutely ELECTRIC.

With his fingers, Singh rubbed it in a circular motion?very slowly at first?but gradually building speed. The move almost brought me to orgasm, but just before I came, Singh took his hand off my clit?

When it returned just a few seconds later, he fondled my rosebud between his thumb and index finger for a while?then, went back to the circular rub?going in the opposite direction.

This time, I gave in to his touch, and let myself have, what proved to be, the most EXPLOSIVE clitoral orgasm of my life?

After I finished cumming, Singh retrained his focus from my clit to my hole.

He softly slid his middle finger inside me (palm-side up), and began to rhythmically bend and straighten it?this put pressure directly on my G-spot.

He asked if I could handle another finger?I said YES. He continued stimulating my G-spot?now using both his middle and index fingers?WHILE caressing my clit and labia with his other hand at the same time.

Now?Singh warned me that I?d be cumming HARD throughout this ?procedure,? but I definitely didn?t expect what happened next?

?My ENTIRE body ERUPTED with pleasure. The orgasm may have started from my G-spot, but the intense sensation quickly traveled?it felt like every INCH of me was cumming?from my ears all the way to my toes!

Singh was delighted? ?your massage is complete? he said?but told me to lay still and relax for a few minutes before getting dressed. I was more than happy to comply, because my pussy was STILL gushing, and I was STILL dizzy with EUPHORIA.

As I regained composure, Singh told me that because he?s a PROFESSIONAL healer, he never puts his mouth on his clients?HOWEVER, oral stimulation IS encouraged while performing yoni massage on a lover.

In fact, Singh said that the tongue can be used to massage AND PENETRATE the vagina, just as you would with your hands and fingers during yoni?

I mean?even without oral, the yoni message feels UNBELIEVABLE?so I?m SURE that adding a little mouth-action would make for absolute ECSTASY!

So when YOU?RE performing yoni at home, I want you to PROMISE me you?ll give her some tongue?and then tell me ALL about it;)

By the way?ANYONE can make a woman cum just as hard as Singh did, using yoni massage. Initially, I thought he must have been born with some sort of special gift or magic touch?But Singh insisted that any guy?who knows the sequence and technique of a yoni massage?can give women the same kind of mind-blowing yoni orgasms I had?

And guess what?now YOU?RE are a guy that knows!

?Just do what Singh did to ME (in that specific order), and you?re GUARANTEED to give her a sexual experience she?ll never forget.

Anyway?after last night, I?m definitely feeling a LOT better. The only thing I?m worried about is?that Singh will be angry with me for telling you about the yoni touch.

In hindsight, I?m starting to think the practice of yoni is somewhat of a secret?that professional healers?like Singh?don?t want common folk to know about her secrets of female arousal?

But yoni is TOO HOT not to share! Just don?t tell anyone you heard about it from ME;)

I have to run, but I?m ALREADY looking forward to hearing about YOUR yoni experience. I promise?it?ll be UNFORGETTABLE?

So, have a great weekend?and REMEMBER to use your TONGUE!

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