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What She Really Means When She Says…


Girls can be tricky creatures… sometimes we try to be subtle, and the message gets lost.  Here is a little insight on what we mean by what we say in certain situations.


We say: It’s a little chilly in here.

We mean: Come over here and warm me up!

We say: Aww, you shouldn’t have!

We mean: Yes you should have… and you’ve just earned some brownie points 😉


We say: I don’t know what I’m doing tonight.

We mean: Ask me to do something with you.

We say: Come over – we can hang out, watch a movie.

We mean: I have more than a movie in mind 😉


We say: I’ll be ready in a minute.

We mean: I’m already ready, but I’m gonna make you wait a little longer.

We say: I have nothing to wear!

We mean: I need an excuse to go shopping.


We say: I’m fine!! (in a bar)

We mean: I’m DRUNK!


We say: I’m fine (in any other situation).

We mean: There’s obviously something bothering me, and chances are it involves you.

We say: Is that what you’re wearing  tonight?

We mean: I hate what you’re wearing – please change!


We say: No, I don’t mind that you talk to her.

We mean: Of course it bothers me if you talk to her! I hate when you talk to other girls.

We say: I just need some space.

We mean: I need space without you in it.


We say: Can we slow things down a little?

We mean: I’m not having sex with you.

We say: I’m not ready for a boyfriend right now.

We mean: I don’t want you to be my boyfriend.


We say: We’re such good friends… you’re like a brother to me.

We mean: You don’t have a shot in hell – you’re in the friend zone.

About Cliff Englewood

Cliff goes to MSU and is TSB Magazine resident "College Life" contributor with tips and advice to get the most out of your time in college.

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