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What She Really Means When She Says…

Girls can be tricky creatures… sometimes we try to be subtle, and the message gets lost.  Here is a little insight on what we mean by what we say in certain situations.


We say: It’s a little chilly in here.

We mean: Come over here and warm me up!

We say: Aww, you shouldn’t have!

We mean: Yes you should have… and you’ve just earned some brownie points 😉


We say: I don’t know what I’m doing tonight.

We mean: Ask me to do something with you.

We say: Come over – we can hang out, watch a movie.

We mean: I have more than a movie in mind 😉


We say: I’ll be ready in a minute.

We mean: I’m already ready, but I’m gonna make you wait a little longer.

We say: I have nothing to wear!

We mean: I need an excuse to go shopping.


We say: I’m fine!! (in a bar)

We mean: I’m DRUNK!


We say: I’m fine (in any other situation).

We mean: There’s obviously something bothering me, and chances are it involves you.

We say: Is that what you’re wearing  tonight?

We mean: I hate what you’re wearing – please change!


We say: No, I don’t mind that you talk to her.

We mean: Of course it bothers me if you talk to her! I hate when you talk to other girls.

We say: I just need some space.

We mean: I need space without you in it.


We say: Can we slow things down a little?

We mean: I’m not having sex with you.

We say: I’m not ready for a boyfriend right now.

We mean: I don’t want you to be my boyfriend.


We say: We’re such good friends… you’re like a brother to me.

We mean: You don’t have a shot in hell – you’re in the friend zone.

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