10 Things Women Say (And What They Really Mean)

Figuring Out The Verbal Riddles Of Your Crush

It’s a dilemma for guys as old as time: she says one thing, but you have a feeling she means something entirely different.

Dating can be tough, fellas. Women are as confusing as they are pretty, and many of them expect you to just simply figure it out.

How do you deal with a girl that says one thing, but means another?

Most importantly, how do you figure out what she really means?

Let’s take a look at some examples.

10 Things Women Say (And What They Really Mean)

Here are 10 things single women say frequently, along with a best case and worst case scenario translation of what they really mean.

#1. “Fine.”

Best Case Scenario: She’s not exactly thrilled with whatever you said or did, but she’s in the process of making peace with it. Give her some space to process it further.

Worst Case Scenario: Things are anything but fine. If you want things to work with her, put in some effort or take back whatever you said.

#2. “We need to talk.”

Best Case Scenario: There’s something on her mind or going on in her life that she thinks you need to know about. Things are about to change, but not necessarily in a bad way. Maybe she got offered a promotion at work or feels like something is missing and wants to give you a chance to fix it.

Worst Case Scenario: It’s over, bro. At least she didn’t ghost you.

#3. “Nothing’s wrong.”

Best Case Scenario: Something is definitely wrong, but she doesn’t think it’s worth the time or energy to explain it to you. Do something nice for her and you’ll be back in her good grace.

Worst Case Scenario: You are what’s wrong, and are about to get specific examples as to why that’s the case.

#4. “K.”

Best Case Scenario: Unfortunately, there’s not really such a thing. If you get sent a “K” over text, you’re in trouble. If you like her and want to keep seeing her, you better get to work.

Worst Case Scenario: That’s the last text you ever get from her.

#5. “That guy is hot.”

Best Case Scenario: She wants to see your response to her interest in other guys. She’s testing the waters to see how you respond. Depending on how you handle her comment, she may actually find you more attractive.

Worst Case Scenario: 2 days later, you see her sending Snapchats to the aforementioned hot guy you two saw at the gym.

#6. “Let’s take it slow.”

Best Case Scenario: She’s genuinely interested but just got out of a relationship. She’s interested, but just needs some time between guys. Perhaps maybe, she’s just old-fashioned and prefers to get to know people before she sleeps with them.

Worst Case Scenario: She’s dating other people and shopping around for the best option. You’re 1 of 4 guys she’s gotten drinks with this week.

#7. “I’m really busy right now, that’s all.”

Best Case Scenario: She doesn’t want to stop seeing you completely, and gives you an estimated amount of time as to when she might be ready to date again.

Worst Case Scenario: This weekend, she puts multiple photos on social media of her and 2 friends at some downtown venue. Yeah, she’s busy- busy not dating you.

#8. “I’m not mad.”

Best Case Scenario: She’s not mad enough to end things, but she’s disappointed about something you did. In a way, this almost feels worse. But at least she’s giving you a chance to step up.

Worst Case Scenario: You’re about to find out just how “not mad” she really is. This really could play out in a number of different awful scenarios.

#9. “Maybe.”

Best Case Scenario: She’s mulling over a few different options. She’ll get back to you.

Worst Case Scenario: She’s mulling over at least one other guy. She probably won’t get back to you.

#10. “Are you seeing anyone else?”

Best Case Scenario: She’s definitely calling you out, but it’s for a good reason.? She sees potential in you and wants to see if you’re serious about her before she commits any more feelings to you.

Worst Case Scenario: You left your phone on the table, and she saw a text message from? “Jenn” with the bumblebee emoji next to it while you were in the bathroom.

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