3 Ways to Tell if a Girl Is Attracted to You

How to Tell What Type of Attraction a Girl Feels For You

Hey guys,

Your good buddy Jon Sinn here.

I was out with some friends last night and they couldn?t understand what this super hot girl Abigail I?ve been seeing sees in me, especially since her last boyfriend was literally the son of a billionaire. My friends failed to understand that there are different types of attraction.

You may be suffering from a similar problem.

Back in 2004 when I first took a pick up bootcamp with my furry hatted instructor at some run down mansion at the bottom of a hill in Hollywood, attraction was taught very simply, if you try to kiss a girl and it works, she?s attracted.

But the truth is there are a lot of ways a woman can become attracted to a man. Back in the day I had mapped out 7 different kinds of ways women could be attracted to men. But to keep it simple, and not overwhelm you I?m going to teach you the 3 most important ways types of attraction.

3 Types of Attraction

They are.

1. When it comes to getting laid, sexual or physical attraction is the most important type.

Simply put sexual attraction is all about getting the girl aroused and physically horny right now. Arousal is an automatic physical process in women, that once started is almost impossible to stop! The best tools for creating sexual arousal are touching, sexual framing and sexual teasing. One easy way to test for sexual attraction is to make a sexual comment like ? don?t throw your panties at me all at once.? And see her reaction. If she?s sexually attracted she?ll almost always say ?I?m not wearing any.?

2. Value based.

Value based attraction is the most consistent type of attraction out there. One way to think about it is that you use value to buy attraction, especially when you are going after 9s and 10s who are clearly more physically attractive than you are. Techniques for creating value include storytelling, using social proof, displays of power or connections like getting ?hooked up,? and even displays of wealth like bottle service or GASP a nice car. Value is also subjective, what is valuable to one woman may be completely worthless to the next. You want to make sure that you have a good idea of what kind of woman you?re talking to before you start trying to create value based attraction, so you don?t use the wrong kind of value.

3.Emotional attraction.

The last type of attraction is what?s going to be our most effective tool for picking up women, getting women emotionally engaged with us. Emotional attraction is important because everyone makes emotional decisions and then uses logic to justify things after the fact. They call this cognitive dissonance. When you are able to push a woman?s buttons emotionally you become important to her. Everyone, not just women responds to being emotionally stimulated whether it?s in a positive way by laughing or in a frustrating way like being teased or challenged. If you want to get good at pickup, start with being able to create an emotional attraction in the women you approach.

Ok so now that you know what kinds of attraction you should be trying to create, let?s talk about testing for attraction.

There are 3 simple ways to figure out if a girl is attracted to you or not.

1. Try to touch her. The way a woman responds to you trying to touch her gives you 90% of the information you need. If she tenses up or moves away she?s not into you.

2. Try to qualify her. Often women are polite and friendly and will lead you on when they are not interested. These women will not however qualify themselves when asked large qualifying questions like ?what?s your best quality?? Or ? Besides being pretty, what do you have going for yourself??

3. Try to move her. Honestly you just need this one and touching. Women do not move around venues or leave their groups to have alone time with guys they are not attracted to.

That about wraps us up for this time, hopefully this has helped you to understand the process of attraction a little bit better as well as giving you the tools you need to figure out whether women are attracted to you or not when you are talking to them.

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