The Truth About How to Kiss a Girl

What Girls Want with Kissing

Are you a good kisser…?

How can you be sure?

In my experience, most guys are NOT as good as they THINK?

Some are TERRIBLE even?and still, they have NO IDEA.

And they also don’t realize that their total LACK of kissing skills?is KILLING their love life!!

You see, kissing a woman the RIGHT way, can make all the difference between having sex on the FIRST date and going home alone?

It?s also a great way to get out of the FRIENDZONE instantly!

And if you’re already in a RELATIONSHIP?

?being an amazing kisser is what keeps your woman HOT and HORNY for you, even if you?ve been together for years.

But being a bad?or just an ?okay? kisser?causes girls to quickly lose interest?

And leads to dull, SEXLESS relationships!

Remember I told you about that conversation I had with my girlfriend Cody?

It was about the best way for a man to make any girl he likes, WANT to date and f*ck him, just as badly?

Well since then, I?ve gotten hundreds of letters from fans wanting to know more!

So, lately I?d been giving it a lot of thought?and doing a LOT of RESEARCH.

And I discovered that one of the most effective ways to make a girl feel ATTRACTION, PASSION, and DESIRE?

?.is KISSING!!!

It sounds so simple, but it?s totally TRUE (it?s even been proven by science)!

That?s why I?ve decided put together the ULTIMATE kissing guide…

And these tips are GUARANTEED to make women see you in a whole new, SEXY light;)

PART 1: Going in for the Kiss

One little kiss can change EVERYTHING.

Which makes initiating a kiss?especially a first kiss?SO nerve-wracking.

But the most important thing to remember is: NEVER let the girl know that you?re nervous beforehand.

Being nervous, makes you look insecure?which is a total turn off. So when you finally DO kiss her, she may not be very eager to kiss you back?because you FAILED to put out a sexy, CONFIDENT vibe.

If you make it seem like you’re worried about being rejected?

…she’ll catch on and automatically start to think there really is a reason for her to do just that (reject you!)

Nothing will make you look more pathetic than leaning in, getting flustered, and backing out?then awkwardly PRETENDING like you didn?t just try to kiss her, Yuck!

So don?t let yourself even THINK about kissing her until the time comes to actually do it.

Then, when you go for it, COMMIT to following through. Seriously?be confident and just GO FOR IT.

Because, guess what??Women almost NEVER make the first move.

So chances are she?s just sitting there, HOPING you?ll man up and kiss her already!

Here?s the sequence you need to follow to successfully initiate the kiss (the whole process should take no more than four seconds):

1. Make eye contact.
2. Place one hand gently?yet assertively?on her cheek or under her chin.
3. Put your lips on hers.

Part 2: Technique

Okay, so now that your lips are locked, it?s time to use them to arouse her.

At this stage, keep your kisses SLOW and DRY.

?You should NEVER rush into full-on make-out mode, because, believe me, that really grosses girls out!

Use both of your lips (top and bottom) to lightly caress each one of her lips INDIVIDUALLY.

Remember: NO TONGUE?and your mouth should just BARELY open.

After giving her a few of these soft, ?introductory? kisses?

PULL AWAY, look into her eyes for a few seconds?then go back to kissing her?.

But THIS time, increase the speed and intensity by just a LITTLE.

At this stage you can softly (and briefly) SUCK on each of her lips, and start opening your mouth a bit wider with each kiss.

Part 3: Making Out

During Part 2, your tongue should NOT have left your mouth at any point.

But now it?s time to start using it!

As you kiss her, allow just a bit of your tongue to unexpectedly graze her mouth, in a quick, sideways motion…

?then go back to dry kisses for a few seconds, before slipping her a little tongue once again.

GRADUALLY, increase the frequency of these tongue slips, until they eventually start happening with every kiss.

When that happens, you can stop pulling your tongue back each time you kiss her.

Instead, leave it in her mouth and use it to caress HER tongue, while moving your lips up and down over hers.

Change the speed of this technique OFTEN, so she can?t predict what?s coming next!

By the way?do you know why using your tongue is so important?

It?s because your SALIVA contains testosterone?which, when transmitted to your girl via French kissing?helps to increase her libido!

Trust me, making out makes girls really, really wet!

So even if she wasn?t PLANNING on having sex with you…a proper kiss makes girls suddenly feel a CARNAL urge to f*ck, that we often CAN?T resist;)

Part 4: Using Your Hands

Your mouth may be the star of the show, but even the best tongue-technique won?t make her heart race, if you?re not also TOUCHING her body.

Using your palm to cup her cheek or chin is a great way to START the kiss?

But you definitely SHOULDN’T let your hand linger on her face for more than a few seconds after that.

While you?re still in the ?sensual? phase of kissing (prior to making out) move them to down to her shoulders?

Then wrap your arms around her and begin caressing her back.

As things heat up (and your kisses get more passionate), there are LOTS of different places your hands should visit?

Try putting one hand on the back of her head to lightly press her lips even more tightly against yours. That creates some very sexy friction;)

You can also stroke her hair?or up the intensity by giving it a gentle tug at the ROOTS (not on the ends of her hair, like you?re pulling pigtails on the playground!).

And if you?re looking to turn your make-out session into SEX?

…put one hand on her neck (just rest it there! this isn?t the time to choke her?even if you think she might be into that sort of thing).

Then firmly run your other hand down the length of her back?and when you get down to her ass, give it a good SQUEEZE!

This sequence lets her know that you?re getting turned on by her body?which will be a major turn-on for HER, because women love to feel DESIRED;)

Part 5: Mix It Up

A great kisser pays attention to more than just the girl?s lips…

Once things get REALLY hot and heavy, let your mouth travel to other parts of her body.

Women like to be surprised with unexpected kisses on their cheeks, eyes, and forehead?

And if you want to give her instant GOOSEBUMPS, soft kisses on her neck will do the trick every time;)

So now that you know how a girl wants to be kissed?

Get out there and start kissing!

And if you remember to use my PROVEN lip-locking techniques, I see a lot more dates?and a lot more SEX in your future=))


PS: What kinds of things do you like for GIRLS to do when you?re making out? I think I?m a pretty good kisser?;) But it always helps to get a guy?s opinion?and maybe I?ll pass your tips along to my girlfriends!

And here is some advice on what to think and do when she won’t kiss you:?

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