7 Signs That She Wants You To Kiss Her

Stop Missing Your Window of Opportunity With Women…

Over the years, I?ve learned a ton about what women are attracted to.

For starters, women want the guy who is a leader of other men? Obviously.

Secondly, women want the guy who has a life purpose that he is working towards? But you already knew ambition was attractive.

And lastly, women want the guy who values her opinion but never seeks her approval? This is the key.

Think back to any situation you know of where a woman lost attraction for a guy? I can almost guarantee the reason she lost attraction is because the guy stopped doing one of those three things.

The reason is, those three behaviors are ?alpha? in nature. By doing the opposite, you are naturally showing ?beta? behaviors.

The moment you start becoming ?beta? is the moment all of her attraction for you starts to disappear.

The reason why so many marriages end in divorce is because men think ?attraction? has an end game. It doesn?t.

You must know how to attract women from the moment you guys meet, until the end of time.

The second you stop attracting her, she stops being attracted to you.

The good news is, at the end of the day, all of this boils down to just one thing ? certainty.

Not being certain in yourself, and needing guidance or approval from others is probably one of the most unattractive things you can do.

So let me ask you a question?

Are you constantly second guessing your decisions?

Are you constantly asking the girl for permission to do something?

Let me tell you a quick story?

When I was a freshman in college, I was 18 years old, and still pretty clueless when it came to women.

So when my college announced that incoming freshman had to attend a seminar called “Can I Kiss You?? I got pretty excited.

At that point in my life I had only kissed 2 girls, and thought that maybe I?d learn about how to attract women at this seminar.

(Spoiler alert, I didn?t.)

The entire presentation revolved around one major idea? To ask for the girls permission at every step along the way. I can remember the speakers words vividly, “Each time you want to kiss a girl, instead of going for it, you should pause, look at her in the eyes and simply ask her ‘can I kiss you?’…”

You see, the guy who was giving the talk was on a mission to stop weird college kids from sexually abusing women. His way of doing this was by completely turning these men into whipped, permission seeking dogs?

Here’s the funny part…

When this guy dropped his “Can I kiss you?” line on stage, every girl in the audience immediately went “awwww…”

But let me ask you a question… How many times have you ever asked a girl “Can I kiss you?” and had it work out?..

Chances are, NEVER.

This is almost as bad as going up to a girl and saying, “I find you physically appealing, and I really like your personality. Can we please date as boyfriend and girlfriend?”

Like, bro… Seriously?!

This just goes to show that women might say they want one thing, but really go after another thing.

I know plenty of women who might say they want a gentleman, who is nice, and will treat her right… But at the same time completely reject those guys for the cocky guy at the bar.

Trust me when I tell you this…

When a girl wants to kiss you, you will know.

And when you realize that she actually wants you to make the move, the last thing you should do is ask for her permission. By verbally asking for her permission when she is already giving you all the signs that she wants you to kiss her, you are ruining the moment.

Here are the 7 surefire signs that you should kiss her…

1. You guys have already been flirting?

2 . There is a silence in the conversation?

3. She?s holding deep, and relaxed eye contact with you?

4. All distractions around you seem to fade away?

5. She is completely facing you with her torso?

6. Her pupils are dilated?

7. She keeps glancing at your lips?

I mean it’s not rocket science dude.

So here’s what I’m going to challenge you to do from here on out…

Instead of asking the girl for permission to kiss her? Slowly pull her towards you, and just kiss her.

Instead of asking a girl out on a date… Tell her that you are grabbing drinks, and she should join.

Instead of asking a girl if she wants to be your girlfriend… Just be the kind of badass that she would want to date, and let her come to you.

Be completely certain in everything you do.

When you want to do something, do it. It’s really that simple.

Here’s the thing?

Women have been hard-wired in their DNA to want two things from men: Survival and Reproduction.

What they truly want at the core level, is a man who can offer them protection, and exhibit the most alpha-male behavior, so her offspring will have the best chance of survival as well.

A man who is constantly seeking approval from his woman, is not offering her any signs of protection, and alpha-behavior.

Asking for permission is beta-male behavior.

The king, on the other hand, does what he wants, when he wants to. He is certain in everything he does.

And you are a King.

Now, does this mean you should always be ?confident??

Not necessarily. There is a fine difference between being confident, and being certain.

Confidence comes from repetition.

For example, you are confident you can make the game winning free throw because you practice 100 free throws every day.

It is something you gain over time, and is often dependent on your current emotional state.

Certainty, on the other hand, is immediate. It is a choice. You can choose to feel it any time
you want, no matter the state of mind you?re in.

Robert Cialdini, in his book Influence, gives a great example of how this works while talking about the Commitment-Consistency principle.

In his book, he give the example of a person goes to the racetracks, and has absolutely no idea what horse to bet on. So he finally places a bet on a random horse, and when he does his belief in that horse?s ability to win skyrockets.

In other words, after making his decision (placing the bet), he becomes completely
certain in his decision (belief that the horse will win).

So what does this mean for you?

Be more decisive. Every time you take action, without seeking permission, your ability to be certain goes up.

All the guys who are great with women operate like this.

Because this article is packed with a lot of golden nuggets, let’s recap some of the key takeaways real quick:

– Quit asking women for permission when you do things.

– Never ask a girl, “Can I kiss you?” because if she really wanted you to kiss her, you would know.

– If you see any of the 7 signs I listed above, then she wants you to kiss her. So slowly pull her towards you, and go for it like a man.

– Women want a man who exhibits alpha behavior, and moves with certainty. This subconsciously tells her that you are more ?fit? to lead her though life.

– Seeking permission is a trademark sign of beta-male behavior.

– The king does what he wants, when he wants.

– You are a KING!

Start applying this article to your dating life today. You?ll thank me later.

-Patrick James

Here is a further article on the subject:?https://www.tsbmag.com/2009/08/10/what-to-do-if-she-turns-her-cheek-when-you-go-for-the-kiss/

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