4 Tactful Tinder Tips (With Screenshots)

A few examples to help you improve your messaging

1. Closing the date?

If you?re in a situation where you have to ask where she lives, make sure you offer your location first so it comes off less stalker-ish:


Always look for opportunities to raise buying temperature using things from her profile. This girl, for instance, had a seal in one of her pictures:

2. Reengaging a match

Sometimes, for whatever reason, you?re messaging with a match and it?s going well, but the conversation stalls. If she?s the one who sent the last message, you can reply whenever you get a chance. But if you?re the one who sent the last message and she stopped responding, wait at least a few days before sending another message. Any sooner and it seems a little needy.

Here?s an example of a message you can send to try to get the dialogue going again. I sent the first message on the screenshot below after a two week hiatus in messaging this particular match:

3. Provoking openers

When you have an interesting bio, you?ll inspire more women to send you the first message. I?ve been experimenting with my Tinder bio lately, and the first line currently says: ?I?m using this app to kill time until Hilary Duff and I meet and fall in love at first sight.?

My bio used to have a line at the end that says: ?If you can?t make me laugh ? can you make me cookies instead.?

4. Does anyone remember Malcolm in the Middle?

Sometimes its fun talking about things your age group might be nostalgic about:

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