The 5 Types of Tinder Pictures Guaranteed to Make Her Swipe Right

5 Best Pictures to Post on Tinder

Tinder just isn?t working for you. You?ve spent more time editing and changing your profile than a NASA engineer working on a space jet.

You?d go to your friend?s, but they?d likely just make fun of you. You?d ask your ex-girlfriend, but she isn?t talking to you since you refused to give her back the dog.

You?ve tried time and time again and frankly are at the point of exhaustion and giving up. I don?t blame you, using Tinder can be hard.

Well, fear not. This article will take you through the five types of tinder pictures that are guaranteed to have girls swiping you in no time.

Roll up your sleeves and dust of the DSLR; it?s time to upgrade your profile.

How do we know what works for Tinder?

Now you may be thinking, wait? how can we know what is going to help us on Tinder, isn?t it just a guessing game?

Luckily, somebody has already crunched the numbers for us. Based on 230k males and 250k females, titled ?A First Look at User Activity on Tinder.

They?ve given us some pretty impressive statistics:

  • We know that 91% of women only like profiles they are attracted too.
  • 35% of guys casually like most profiles compared to 0% of women.
  • Data also shows having 3 or more pictures on your profile improves match rates.

With that in mind, try to use all of your six photo slots and let?s jump into exactly what type of pictures you?re going to need.

#1 – The One Where You Smile

If you look like a miserable bastard in your photographs, chances are not many girls are going to want to swipe past you. Luckily, Tinder?s in-house sociologist agrees, stating that smiling will make you 14% more likely to get a right swipe while facing the camera directly will make you 20% more likely to get right-swiped.

Ditch the moody, brooding look, smiling is more inviting, and girls are instantly more attracted to guys that are smiling. Bonus points if the photo looks candid and not forced.

Any picture that catches you in a natural environment is more likely to be received positively.

#2 – The One Where You?re Bulletproof

This is the photo to blow them all away and is usually the one you?ll put at the front of your Tinder profile. The first one they?ll see, and the one that the majority of girls will make their decision on you.

How do you create a picture that?s bulletproof? Easy:

  • No group pictures
  • Make sure it?s not blurry
  • Show confidence
  • Show your face clearly
  • Either go waist up or a good close-up

With group photos, they?ll always assume you?re the ugly one and blurry images have them worried you?re an imposter. The best profile pictures are usually from the waist up or a headshot, just don?t get too close.

#3 – The One Where You Don?t Look like Chewbacca

If you walked out into a local bar today, ?you could be forgiven for thinking that we are still living in the 80?s. With the rise of hipsters and the beard trends, you?d think messy is the new look that?ll make the girls go crazy.

Sadly, not all of us can pull off that look. When you look at studies such as the one conducted by Mehrabian and Blum about the?physical attraction between men and women, we can see that women don?t always look at the features we might expect.

Many guys believe women will consider physical traits like body type or height when in reality the features women found most attractive fell into the self-care category. Yep, the dude with the awesome haircut, with excellent shoulder posture and clothes that fit him had a significant advantage.

This is good news if you?re looking for ways to improve, attractiveness can be engineered just by being more proactive. Use this information carefully and make sure you?re looking well groomed, well put together and if you can?t pull off a proper beard? loose that whispey thing off your face.

#4 – The One Where You?re Ripping It up Outdoors

Let?s face it; no girl is going to be jumping at the bit to go on a date with you if your profile just shows you sitting indoors eating snacks and playing video games all day. Adventure is exciting and exciting is attractive.

Having a picture on your profile which showcases how fun and exciting you can be can not only inspire your potential lover on date ideas, it also shows you?re willing to go out in the world and experience excitement. It also creates an excellent opener for you or the girl to discuss the conversation.

Whether it?s paragliding in Turkey, Skydiving in Dubai or snorkeling at your local pool make sure the photo screams adventure, and you?re guaranteed to spark an interest.

#5 – The One Where You Borrow Your Neighbours Dog

If you have your own pet, you?re at an advantage here, but if you don?t? don?t be scared to go out of your way to get a cute picture with a cuddly pet. You can see plenty of guys on tinder with their French bulldogs or cats, and it sends a particular message to girls that say, I?m caring and kind.

If that doesn?t convince you, remember Science says to include a pet pic:

  • 35% of women have stated they?re more attracted to a guy if he owned a pet.
  • 76% of women assess their dates based on if their own pet like the guy.
  • 64% of women stated they were more attracted to the opposite sex if they owned a rescue pet.
  • And a whopping 75% said they would not date someone who didn?t like pets!

By the way, if you were wondering, the survey also states the sexiest pet you can own is a dog. Of the 600 women surveyed they won by a country mile, go figure.

Thanks Again Science

Great news, thanks to the power of science and study you have once again received the potential to improve your game. For more Tinder cheats and advice subscribe to the TSBmag newsletter to get them delivered straight to your inbox.

Your future dates will thank you for it.

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