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How to Write the Best Possible Tinder Bio


Use this one quick tip to help you get more matches messaging you

how to write a tinder bio

There is one barometer that measures the effectiveness of your Tinder bio: feedback.

If women regularly mention things written in your bio while you’re messaging them, or they use your bio to send you opening messages, then you have a good bio. If your matches never bring up anything you’ve written, however, then your bio needs work.

If you fall into the latter category, then the best way to improve your bio is through trial and error. Experiment with different bios, and evaluate how each sentence or section generates feedback.

For example, here’s my Tinder bio that I used from late 2014 through early 2015:

how to write a tinder bio

Every part of this bio passed the test of generating feedback. If a sentence doesn’t incite reactions from any of my matches, I remove it. If the bio works, you should get messages complimenting either the bio as a whole or certain aspects of it.

Here are a few samples of the types of feedback I’m talking about:


how to write a tinder bio


how to write a tinder bio


how to write a tinder bio


how to write a tinder bio


how to write a tinder bio 2

I’ve included my Tinder screenshots featuring messaging generated with the above bio in other articles, such as this one and that one.

Try to strike a balance between revealing facts about yourself while also inserting enough humor to raise her buying temperature. When I include that I majored in journalism and English, for instance, I’m giving a fact that would be interesting to the type of girl I’m trying to attract; however, too much of that kind of biographical information will be boring to any girl.

Remember that your Tinder matches only have a few photos and a short bio with which to decide whether they’ll take the leap of meeting you in person. The feedback you receive will always be the best indicator of how well you’re coming across.

About Luke Harold

Luke Harold is a journalist who has written for publications including the Philadelphia Inquirer and Orange County Register.

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