Bad compliments to avoid

Tell her that her dress is flattering, and you will soon see the back of it.

Compliments You Should Never Say to a Woman

Compliments are one of the best tools in your flirting arsenal. Every girl loves to be flattered, and she will remember and treasure what you say if it is a good compliment. However, if it is a lacklustre or even insulting comment disguised as a compliment, she will feel bored or offended rather than excited.

The obvious compliment

Every glasses wearing woman has been complimented on her glasses hundreds of times. Every curly haired woman has received countless comments about her beautiful hair. When you give a compliment on something too obvious, she won?t have a desirable response to it. She will not get that excited feeling; at best she?ll have feel no response whatsoever. Even if she graciously accepts your compliment, on the inside, she is rolling her eyes at you.

?Wow, you sure eat a lot!?

I can only hope that every guy who says this is attempting negging. If you say this line on a date, you can bet that she will be over-analysing what you meant later, while crying into her ice cream. Whether she is fat, skinny or somewhere in between, she does not want you to comment on her eating prowess.

?That?s a flattering dress?

Calling her outfit ?flattering? is not a compliment. She is going to interpret your words to mean ?that dress hides your giant thighs well?. You need to choose your words carefully when it comes to appearance and outfit compliments; you may mean something nice, but she thinks it is a barbed comment.

?I like the gap in your teeth?

She may have a cute quirk, but you should not comment on it unless you have a close relationship. She is likely to be insecure about her gappy teeth or her mole, and drawing attention to it will only serve to make her feel embarrassed. She has also received comments on her imperfection many times before, so it would not even be an original compliment.

?You would be so pretty if??

Suggesting a way to improve herself is not a compliment. Telling her that she would look amazing with a tan is not helpful, and will make her pull away from you.

Tread carefully, as sometimes your innocent compliment can also imply a way of improving herself. For example, bigger women are used to being told that they have a nice face and it?s a shame about the body, or would be a 10 if they lost weight. Telling an overweight woman that she has a nice face carries all the connotations of previous comments she has received.

The exception to the rule

Complimenting her for standing out from her demographic is actually quite insulting. Comments like ?you?re hot for a smart girl?, ?you?re pretty for an Asian girl? and ?you?re cooler than other girls I?ve dated? are offensive. The compliment to her personally does not count if it is at the expense of affronting her group. Comments about how she is a credit to her race, or not like others of her race, are particularly bad because she has probably heard such offensive comments many times before.

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