How to dress in your Tinder photos

More Style, More Swipes

Your success on Tinder is all about how you look in your photos. Curate your pictures well, and you will be swimming in matches. Have seedy photos, and no self-respecting lady will swipe right.

The dressy pic

Demonstrate that you are not the type of guy to wear jeans and sneakers every day by having a photo of you dressed up. It does not need to be a full suit; a suit jacket with a plain shirt tucked into dark jeans, paired with a skinny tie, will do well for the younger crowd.

Mix up your dressy picture with some casual shots. Having five photos of you in a suit, and no other photos, will give the impression that you are uptight and maybe even that you try too hard.

Keep your shirt on

Photos of you flexing in the mirror are off-putting to most women, especially if you are weedy in real life. Even if you have an incredible body, it is advisable to keep your shirt on. Instead of having a shirtless picture, consider a more subtle way to flaunt your body, such as in a tight tee shirt.

Get patterned

A patterned shirt will make you look stylish and quirky, without being weird. A polka dot or plaid shirt is visually striking, and it is a great conversation starter as well- you will be raking in compliments about the shirt. The caveat is that the shirt needs to look good. A high quality, well-fitting shirt with the sleeves rolled up, styled with slim-fitting jeans, will bring you the most success.

Dress sense is proportionate to ugliness

Having a handsome face and textured hair means that the pressure is off to dress sharply. However, if you realise that you are lacking in the looks department, you need to seriously up your style game. On Tinder as in real life, if you are not the best looker, you will need to compensate by dressing well. Ensure all clothes are well fitted and that you demonstrate a distinct sense of style. Avoid harbingers of bad style, such as fedoras and studded belts.


Let?s be honest: most women are going to flick through your pictures and will not bother to read your bio. Show her your hobbies and interests by including them in your pictures, but only if they are sexy hobbies. If you play guitar or surf, make sure the ladies know it from your pictures.

The action shot

Have at least one photo of you outside, and preferably doing something adventurous. A hiking photo or a travel photo is ideal for this one. You probably were not thinking about styling yourself for Tinder when the photo was taken, so as long as you are not too sweaty and are doing a pleasant facial expression, do not worry if you are wearing daggy outdoor gear. Women who enjoy being active will be more inclined to swipe right, and even total couch potatoes will admire your adventurousness despite not wanting to partake.

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