How to meet women offline

A dance class is a unique and fun way to mingle with the opposite sex.

Make Organic Connections and Friendships with Girls

Meeting women outside of your social circle is difficult, especially if you are not one for online dating or hook-up apps. These activities are alternative ways to meet women- and they present more opportunities for meaningful conversation, as opposed to the half-mimed interactions you would have at a loud nightclub. Meeting women through social activities is a long game. You cannot always tell if she is being friendly, or if she is interested in you. You are likely to end up with more friendships than anything else, but you never know if a friendship will develop into something more over time. It is also valuable to work on your social skills by striking up new connections.


Find a local volunteer group, such as tree planting. This sort of labor necessitates teamwork, and will connect you with others that have similar interests to yourself. Women will swoon over a guy who sacrifices a few hours of his weekend for a good cause. More women tend to volunteer than men, so the odds are in your favor.

Dance classes

A dance class gives you the opportunity to bond with your classmates over a new skill. Practicing the moves with each other is a little like speed-dating, as you will quickly find if you have chemistry with your dance partners. Do not worry if you are a terrible dancer- after all, the class can fix that.

If a dance class is not your thing, you could consider a comedy or acting class. The key is to pick something that is physical, leaves you slightly vulnerable, and has plenty of room for interaction.

Join a meetup

Browse meetup sites for gatherings of like-minded strangers in your local area. Everyone starts as a complete stranger at a meetup group, so do not be intimidated by going for the first time. The golden rule here is to join something you are actually interested in. It would be awkward if someone at the meetup asks you how you got into coin collecting, and you reply that you don?t have a collection but you?re there for the ladies. You need to be interested in the content of the meetup in order to maintain a conversation with others there. Even if you have no particular interests, you will be able to find a general social meetup or singles? meetup for your age group.

Go to hobby stores

You?re unlikely to meet many women by hanging out in a male-dominated board games store, but music shops and bookshops can be a goldmine for meeting girls. Something quirky like a record store will allow you to meet others with similar interests, and it will be easy to strike up a conversation about your shared hobby. It would be a little creepy to go into shops with the sole purpose of meeting girls, but be open to going to new stores and talking to strangers- you never know what will result from a chance interaction.

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Simple Trick Tells You if a Girl Wants You to Kiss Her

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