How to tell if your female friend has a crush on you

Is she just a mate, or does she want to mate with you?

It can be difficult to determine if your female pal is being her usual friendly self, or if she is hankering for something more. Because you are already friends, her being pleasant towards you and seeking out your company are not signs that she has a crush. Instead, look for these signals of her interest.

Constant texting

Your phone is constantly going off, but it is always this one girl. She is finding any excuse to text you, and tries to keep a pointless conversation going all day long, just to make sure she is always on your mind. When she starts sending ?goodnight? texts, you know she?s got it bad. Constant texting is an obvious sign that your friend wants to be more than just friends.

She does favors for you

She goes out of her way to make your life easier and even to surprise you. To some extent, friends do help each other out, but she seems to be going above and beyond any friendship you have had before. She is doing these things to signal her romantic interest, and to demonstrate that she would be an awesome girlfriend. She may also try to insert herself into the girlfriend role, such as by accompanying you on errands, in the hope that you eventually decide you may as well be together seeing as you are practically dating.

Getting dressed up

Putting a greater than normal amount of effort into her appearance is a sure sign that she likes you. This is especially the case if you are hanging out for low-key activities for which she usually dresses like a slob. A sudden interest in presenting well around you indicates that she wants you to think she is attractive.

Relationship sabotage

She gets jealous when you talk about other women. She will seem uncomfortable or awkward when you mention someone you are interested in. A more ruthless girl will even do her best to drive off any potential love interests; whether that is by flirting shamelessly in front of your new lady friend, or by talking down on any girl you express an interest in. These comments can be disguised as a friend just being honest. For example, you may show her a photo of a girl you have a date with, only for your friend to tell you that the girl is not that pretty.

Instant replies

How can you tell if you are in the friend zone, or if she is interested? It is simple. Look at her replies to your messages. If she takes a short amount of time to respond to messages, often initiates conversations, and genuinely contributes to the conversation, that is a strong sign that she likes you. On the other hand, if you are always the initiator, and she delays replying to messages, often replying with little more than a ?haha?, you are so far into the friend zone that you have come out of the friend zone and are now in the she-does-not-want-to-talk-to-you zone.

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