Flirting techniques that leave woman confused and uninterested

Bad flirting tips that make her think you?re not into her

Flirting is an art. You need to pique her interest, but you also want to make her work. Some flirting tips lead you astray. Instead of playing hard to get, you are playing so hard to get that she thinks you are not into her.

Hopefully you already know that ?negging? is a terrible idea that only works on women with the self-confidence of a soggy pancake. The following so-called flirting tips are not quite as bad, but should still be avoided if you want your flirting to be successful.

Talking about other women

This one is the worst. Somehow, pointing out hot women has become a flirting technique. Why do men keep doing this? Why do people keep telling men to do this? Here is my theory: a man on the internet told other men to do this in order to sabotage their love lives. A woman that is interested in you does not want to her you talking about how some other girl is so hot. You may think you are communicating that you are a sexual being, but all you are communicating is that you are not interested in the woman right in front of you. She will think that she is not your type. She will think that you see her as a ?bro? to talk about other women with. Or, if she recognises your flirting technique, she will think you are rude and unoriginal. There is no winning here.

Asking her for dating advice

Asking your love interest for dating advice is the ugly cousin of the aforementioned people-watching flirting tip gone wrong. Some men can execute this technique quite well- it requires a certain amount of subtlety and smoothness. As an amateur, do not even bother. As above, she will think that you are interested in someone else, and have no interest in her whatsoever. She will not be receptive to future advances, because she does not want to come second to some other woman.

Keeping her on her toes

Not being flexible about plans and rarely contacting her are the actions of a man who is not interested. So how did this become part of playing the game? I can see the logic- you do not want to show that you are a doormat, and you do not want to appear too keen. But sometimes, life happens, and plans need to be changed. Refusing to meet at a different time purely because you want to keep her on her toes will just make her think you are not keen after all.

Being too busy for her

It is important to show that you have a well-rounded life. A healthy social life and hobbies make you seem more attractive. However, you do not want to demonstrate how full your life is, to the detriment of your potential love life. If she asks to see you on the weekend, do not launch into a tirade about how many things you have to do since you are a very busy and important man. Instead, make time to see her. You can impress her with your many pursuits when you are actually on the date.

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