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The Best Place To Meet A Girl

The United States divorce rate has dropped slightly below the 50% mark, but it’s still worryingly high, and the way we’re meeting our wives-to-be could be part of the problem.

Most men’s strategies for meeting women is setting them up for momentous failure.

This isn’t just the failure to get a date for months at a time, nor the failure to be attractive to the dates you do get. It’s also the failure where you marry a woman who’s not completely right for you and the whole thing turns to turd, culminating in a court case where you lose half your net worth, custody of your children and whatever is left of your charisma.


Still, if you can objectively look at the ways you’re meeting women and make an honest judgement about the likelihood of finding your true love, there’s a chance that marriage could indeed be your happily ever after. ?

Below, we explore the most common ways that people meet their fiance, according to a 2017 survey issued by wedding planning service The Knot. With each scenario, we’ll investigate why they’re so popular and the odds of actually finding your perfect partner through these means.

How do most people meet their fiances?

Through friends (17%)

Meeting through friends is a safe option for both parties. The man gets introduced to a woman, meaning there’s a smaller risk of instant rejection. The woman meets a man who her friend knows, so there’s less chance he’s creepy. One in six (17%) of the married couples surveyed met this way.

The only problem with relying on this tactic is that your pool of friends is probably reasonably small. Unless you’re some sort of celebrity socialite, there’s usually only a handful of attractive single women in your circle. You could run out of options pretty quickly. ?

You may then have to wait a while for someone else to become available before you make a move. It could take months of masquerading as a friend, and even then there’s no guarantee she’ll like you back. ?

Even if you pull this off, what are the odds that one of the women in this tiny pool will be the perfect partner for you?

Online (17%)

There’s no worries about a small pool when you dive into online dating. Since the emergence of apps like Tinder and Bumble, millions of young women have decided to get involved.

These apps are marketed as the hassle-free way of getting a date, but is this the reality for everyone? ?

This fantastic article by OkCupid founder Christian Rudder explains why online dating doesn’t work for most dudes. In a nutshell, it’s because the best women get overwhelmed with messages, meaning there’s little chance she’ll even read yours let alone respond to it. The stats in this article are enough to make you delete Tinder, and that’s without mentioning the potential for flaking, catfishing, women not looking like their photos etc.

It’s definitely possible to meet a partner online – some 17% of those surveyed met their fiance this way – but evidence suggests that getting a top-quality woman on a date is a lottery.

At work (12%)

On the surface, it’s probably healthy to add some flirtation to the mind-numbing grind of the nine-to-five. Considering the amount of time you spend together, it’s perhaps unsurprising how often this flirting turns to full-blown romances.

Some 12% of those surveyed ended up marrying a work colleague. However, unless you manage a chain of Abercrombie stores or the Playboy Mansion, the pool of attractive women in your workplace is again probably too small to be a likely source of your perfect partner.

How likely is it that you’ll find your dream woman here?

These three methods of meeting women are likely to be the most popular because they’re easy and convenient. You can ease your way into her attention and see how much she likes you, without too much risk of an embarrassing rejection.

However, with each of these methods, the chances of finding an amazing woman who completely meets your needs is slim. The laws of probability state that the pool is too small. Essentially, most men are sacrificing quality for convenience by settling for the women in these tiny pools that are easy to access.

And it’s because the majority have no idea how to meet women through a cold approach.

The magic of cold approach

If you can learn how to cold approach, there’ll be no more worries about a lack of quality women in your dating pool. You can meet dozens every time you visit a bar or nightclub. You can chat one up in the middle of the street. You can win over a woman WHEREVER you see her. ??

Cold approach allows you to meet so many more women, increasing the odds of finding one who’s perfect for you, plus it’s a skill you can improve over time. The better you get at it, the more attractive you appear. Get started today, do it regularly and watch yourself slowly become that guy who all the women want to go out with ?

A man with the bravery to confidently approach strangers is so attractive to women – and it’s a trait that’s clearly getting rarer. Learning to do this puts you a class above the rest. ?

Also, once she senses you’re a man who can easily meet more women, your girlfriend will remain at her best throughout the relationship. There’s less nagging. Less brattyness. Less drops in her sex drive. There’s no ‘end of the honeymoon period’ for dudes like this.

Does this sound like a relationship that could last forever?

So, where is the best place to meet women??

Once you’ve learned to cold approach, you can meet girls anywhere. The best place to meet them depends on your personal preference.

If you like sporty, athletic types, you can find great women at a football game, a fitness convention or the gym. If you prefer intellectual arty women, start conversations at galleries or museums. If you’re into wild party girls, hit the club scene hard. ?

Do the things you enjoy and speak to all the attractive women you come across. The chances are you’ll have loads in common with them. This is the most enjoyable and effective way of meeting a partner who ticks all your boxes.

A happy marriage is all on you

The odds of completing a long-lasting marriage are disheartening, but the more women you meet, the better these odds become.

Put simply, the majority of men AREN’T meeting enough women. They’re stuck with a small pool of potential partners and settling for the best one they can get from there.

If you’re not dating enough women at the moment, it’s up to YOU to change that. The Disney fairytale of ‘someone will come along one day’ is fictional. You need to be proactive.

Teaching yourself to speak to women wherever you see them is a great start.

‘The Thrill Of The Chase’ is the story of how I went from being a heartbroken loser to living a healthy dating life. It explains how to truly enjoy being single and approaching women wherever you see them. Click here to buy it on Amazon. ?

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This free training course shows you how to finally break free of your “nice guy” habits ruining your sex life.

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