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7 Ways Your Charisma Can Help You Hook Up

How to be Charismatic and Charm a Woman into the Bedroom (or on a date if you prefer)

Have you ever been in a conversation with someone, or listened to someone speaking to a group, who drew you in as they spoke? It was as if their voice was the only thing that mattered. By the end of it, you feel yourself willing to do whatever they ask, right?

That is charisma. Some people have it naturally, others must learn it. It is the ability, some people have, to influence just about anyone they meet. Charisma is a dynamic trait or skill to have. It can have enormous impacts on your business or professional life. But, it can also have a major impact on your love and sex lives as well.

Charismatic men usually have no problem with women. In fact, charismatic men often have women pursuing them. Their appeal to women is not based on money or things, it is about their presence and how they deliver themselves. They don?t try too hard or play silly games, they are cool, collected and self-assured. And women love it.

How to unlock your inner charisma

  • Be mature and respectful ? Charisma is not about being funny all the time or the ?class clown.? It is about being composed and mature. Guzzling a beer makes you cool to all the college kids, but that isn?t charisma. Women want a man that acts his age, or older as needed, and treats her like a lady should be. This means to avoid being negative, judgmental or jaded in your conversations. Use tact when you may want to say something snarky. And avoid treating her like one of your buddies or friends. This can be easy to do if she is into ?guy? stuff like sports, etc. Remember, she is a woman and you want to get with her.
  • Intelligence is sexy ? Charismatic people usually have intelligence in common. This doesn?t mean having a profound level of book smarts, it just means that they use common sense and keep up with the world around them. Understanding the world around them, and being able to communicate about it intelligently, is normal for charismatic people. Not only are they in the ?know? with current events, they have the vocabulary to speak about it and be understood. Sharpen your vocab and keep up with your corner of the world, if not the whole world. It will give you lots to talk about and keep her interested.
  • Keep conversations short and impactive ? Men that overexplain everything bore women. Charismatic people tend to keep information succinct and deliver stories that get to the point promptly. Also, don?t divulge everything like you are puking up after a kegger. She doesn?t need to know EVERYTHING about you. Keep some things to yourself and build some mystery. Mystery is an essential part of charismatic people, making others seek them out to learn more.
  • Avoid all topics that create friction ? Charismatic people do not often get into arguments about religion or politics. They skirt these topics and choose those that are not volatile. You may run into topics during conversations with women that expect you to take a position. Don?t fall into this trap. Stay neutral and give some response like ?My mom always warned me not to talk about religion and politics in public.? If you do that, then you don?t have to watch her walk away when your positions clash.
  • Don?t be a cheapskate ? No, you don?t have to have a lot of money to be charismatic, this isn?t about spending on dates. Understand that money is a hot-button topic. Men are notorious for roasting a woman for spending too much or getting taken on a deal. If the conversation turns this way, don?t interrogate her or bust her down about it. This makes you a cheapskate and women don?t like cheapskates.
  • Always stay positive, cool and happy ? Women find happy men sexy. Your mental attitude and how you present it, are key to being charismatic. No woman wants to screw Donald Downer. Being charismatic means finding happiness in your life, which comes from being positive. Surround yourself with positive friends and loved ones. These are the people in your life that want you to be happy. Women who see a well-adjusted, happy man, will easily gravitate to them. Remember, the worst that can happen in life is death, everything else is gravy.
  • Learn to keep confident eye contact ? This is a hallmark of charismatic people. They aren?t afraid to look anyone in the eye. They are sure about what they think, feel and say. Women respond to direct eye contact. They find it very sexy. Not only that but if a man can keep good eye contact with a woman, she moves deeper into her naturally submissive role. Eye contact imparts all these things you have been shown here. She will see all these things in your eyes if you are sure in your gaze.

Many people think that charisma is about what you have to say. Truly though, charisma is about the things you don?t need to say yet come across in the way you carry yourself and present yourself. Women love an outgoing man with the confidence to talk to anyone and have something worth saying. They don?t want men who cry about their exes or mewl about their jobs or shitty bosses. Women expect maturity and sense, even younger women. Yes, skater boys are fun for a minute, but she will walk away quickly when the right man walks in the room.

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