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Text And Phone Etiquette Mistakes Men Make

Mistakes Men Make When Texting or Using Their Phone That Can Turn a Woman Off

It is a digital world and your phone has become a necessary tool for your dating life. It is the doorway to information, dating sites, and access to the women you meet.

The only adults managing to get by without a cellphone are either senior citizens or those living off the grid. Either way, they probably aren?t reading this anyway. But, for the rest of us, phones have become a way of life. Hell, they might as well be a part of our body with the importance most place on them.

The thing to remember about phones and dating is that while they are a great tool, they can also be a date or relationship killer. Texting may be a great way to stay in touch with a new attraction but sending the wrong stuff can end the conversation quickly. Not only that but how you manage your phone and its use while you are with a woman can be equally destructive.

If you have ever had a budding romance or conquest fall apart before you got face-to-face or after only one date, your device may be to blame. Actually, we can?t blame the phone since it is only a tool. The real issue may be how you use it, whether texting or in public. Let?s look at some of the ways you could be hamstringing your chances.

Texting Mistakes to Avoid

Stop laughing at everything ? If a woman is texting you something funny, laughing is a polite response, whether you found it funny or not. But, when your go-to response to nearly everything remotely humorous is ?lol? or ?haha,? it gets old. Stop overusing the laughter and respond with some dialogue. Otherwise, you just come off as lazy or patronizing.

Increase your vocabulary ? Nothing is more frustrating to women than a long string of one-word replies. If a woman tells you about her crazy day trying to buy a car, your ?cool? response is going to piss her off. If you aren?t interested enough to carry on a conversation, let her go. This is what she is thinking anyway.

Quit pushing for pics ? Pics are important when digitally connecting; I get that. But, when you begin to ask for racy pics and she isn?t eager to do so, stop pressing her for them. The first ask is enough. Remember, ?no means no.? She isn?t going to suddenly change her mind because you ask her three times in a row. Be smart and take the talk to an erotic or phone play level. Then, if you say ?I would love to see that? you might get your wish.

Don?t drink and text ? Nothing says goodbye like a drunk text assault. The shit you are going to say while drinking can kill all your potential. If you are drinking, put the phone away or turn it off to avoid the chances that you might chase her while intoxicated. She won?t be receptive to you the next day, trust me.

Mass texting and the wrong names ? Maybe you have two or three gals you are talking to. Get their names right! Screwing up and calling the wrong name out in text will take her to new levels of pissed off. And, it is worse if she thinks she is the only woman you are seeing. Be smart and read your text before you send.

Quit thinking and talking with your penis ? While you may be trying to get her to sleep with you, talking about it incessantly won?t help. Guess what? She already knows you want to have sex with her; it?s implied. Putting it in her face over and over is just going to make her look for someone else that takes a subtler approach.

Use your head, the big one, when texting a woman. She isn?t as stupid as you might think and little things can easily cool her desire to move to the next level. Read your texts before you send and look at it from her perspective, not yours.

Phone Etiquette and Dating

If you have handled yourself well and you have scored a date, what you do with your phone on the date can be problematic. People are so tied to their phones that they often lack general courtesy and etiquette when in public. And when you do so on a date, there is a good chance your first will be your last.

Ignore, Ignore, Ignore ? Your phone is your primary source of contact. But, that doesn?t mean you need to check it every time it pings a notification. If you want to make a woman feel unimportant, check your phone every couple of minutes while she is trying to get to know you. Sure, someone may be contacting you for an emergency reason, but be smart about it. During conversations, dinner or any other one-to-one activity, turn off the noise and keep it in a pocket. If you feel you must check it, go to the bathroom and get your fix.

Turn off notification visibility ? Most phones have the option to stop showing what is in a notification and just show the app that is notifying. If your phone is sitting around and a text from another lady comes in, she might see the message. This can screw your night up quick if you are playing the field. Along with that, fully turn off notifications from apps that you don?t want seen, like porn apps or anything that might throw a red flag up if seen.

Lock up the specifics ? I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but women will look in your phone if they get a chance. They are suspicious creatures, particularly if you give them any reason to be. Hell, just being a man is reason enough for most women. There are lots of ?locker? apps out there that can hide apps, pics and other files you don?t want others to access. Make use of these and then you can keep your phone open all you want. She won?t know you have anything to hide if she can?t find it.

Living in a digital world and dating successfully can be challenging. Use your wits and don?t give women a reason to back off or run away completely. Text the things she wants to hear and when you get the face-to-face, put your device in airplane mode and enjoy the ride.

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