Red Flags To Look Out For In Girls

Signs to Watch For and Avoid Making Bad Dating or Relationship Choices

Women. They are strange and wondrous creatures. There are millions of them out there and they are as unique as snowflakes. They all have their own motivations, feelings, and perspectives about life and men. At least, that is what they believe.

Truth is, women are much more alike than they would have us believe. The way these similarities can be seen is in how women behave. Just like men, women have life experiences that create a wide variety of behaviors. And it is through these that smart men can determine if a woman is worth being around, or more importantly, involved with.

The one thing to remember about red flags with women is that they are not black or white. There could be a variety of reasons that she exhibits behaviors, but she may be self-aware enough to want to affect them with change. Don?t rule a woman out at the first sign, give her the benefit of the doubt enough to make a logical decision. But, if you know you can?t or won?t handle what she has going on, get out.

Basic Red Flags

There are some signs to watch for early on with women. These are things you may see and identify during your first conversations with her. Invest in the conversation and if your overall take points to one of these things, reconsider.

Narcissism ? People need to get to know one another and it should be a give and take. When talking with a woman, if she tends to make everything about her, it can be a bad sign. You will likely hear her compare herself to others and tell you what makes her better. If you don?t feel she is genuinely interested in learning about who you are, you might be looking at a one-sided relationship.

Holding Grudges ? Some women can?t let go of things. Their conversations usually always come back to exes and bad dates; the bad things that happened. With these women, you are constantly being compared, and it is likely that you won?t be forgiven for mistakes. When women hold grudges, they need someone to punish, and the deserving party isn?t available. Don?t make yourself available for it if this is the case.

Shallow ? Shallow women never delve below the surface. Often this can be a lack of smarts; not that she isn?t intelligent, just that she doesn?t care to do so. Clothes, makeup, and looks are her primary concerns. Shallow women don?t let you get beneath their surface, and what they show on the surface is usually a front.

Subtle Red Flags

Some signs take more time to see. They begin to emerge over the course of a couple of dates, sometimes sooner. You can see patterns in her conversation and behavior that point to these.

Clingy/Needy ? Some women are co-dependent. They don?t feel they can function without a relationship. Everything that causes issues in their life could be solved by having a man. They tend to ?interrogate? you about past relationships, other women and ask for exclusivity early on. There will be a lot of drama with a needy woman.

Lack of Commitment ? Women with no solid focus in life can be problematic. Is she constantly quitting things and starting new things, likely because she was bored with them? This can be a sign that she handles relationships the same way. Watch for signs that she is losing interest early on and move on first.

Argumentative ? Does she seem to contradict most things you say or disagree with most of your opinions? There is a difference between respectful debate and argument. If you see these things and you feel frustration, there are full-blown arguments in your future. Two people can be polar opposites on issues, but if she demoralizes your position, she doesn?t respect you.

Entitled ? Entitled women feel like they deserve things from life, and other people, simply because she wants them. She feels she is owed everything and you are just another thing she wants and deserves. You don?t hold any value for these women, you are just another deserved thing.

Sexist ? Female chauvinists are real. They believe themselves superior to men and men are the root of all their social and personal issues. This can be a little more difficult to see, so check their social media. Evaluate the people they associate with. There will often be apparent signs that this is the case. If she doesn?t respect your gender, she won?t respect you. Caution: don?t confuse this with feminism. True feminism is about equality for both genders, without violence, disrespect or superiority, and is a valid belief.

Not Ready For A Relationship ? While some women can move on quickly after a bad break, others can?t no matter what they tell you. If she is fresh out of a relationship, tread cautiously and watch for ?ex hang-ups.? You don?t want to be the rebound guy who winds up being the next break-up.

Uptight/Prudish ? Women that see the world as black and white are going to have trouble rolling with the punches of a real relationship. They are over-critical about spending, inhibited sexually and clearly define what is proper and not proper. It is easy to cross the line with women like this and they rarely have an adventurous bone in their body.

No Common Ground ? This is the last and biggest one. There is an old saying that ?opposites attract.? However, even opposites have commonalities that bind them together. If she doesn?t share values, goals, standards or dreams for the future, there is no future.

In Conclusion

I am no scientist or Doctor of Psychology. I?m just a man that has dealt with a lot of women. There are women you should avoid getting involved with. Making your peace with real issues they have is a recipe for disaster. You will regret the untold amount of time that you wasted. Look for real signs and patterns in behavior; they aren?t hiding them. Be smart and make decisions that will reward you with a woman that suits you.

If you are just looking for a trophy on your arm, many of these women will do fine. But, for those of you that need something real and stable in a relationship, with an equal, then pay heed. Set your standards and don?t compromise them. You will thank yourself later. Good luck.

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