The 4 Types of Women You Should Avoid

Don’t Waste Your Time With Women Not Worthy Of It

Your time is your greatest asset to your dating life. For less experienced guys, who are struggling with keeping a conversation going, that may sound a bit ridiculous. But, ultimately, your time is what will allow you to meet more women, learn more about dating, and ensure that you?re maximizing your own personal happiness.

Ditch her

Therefore, it?s crucial?even for guys who are just beginning to improve their dating life?that you develop effective ?time management? strategies. In other words you should be able to quickly identify women who are just looking for attention, validation, or free drinks.

While you should look at every woman as a unique individual, if she starts displaying some of the characteristics of the 4 ?types? below, you might want to consider cutting your loses and moving on. That way, you?ll save yourself precious time that could be used toward meeting a girl who is worth your time.

Condescending Friends

If you prefer going out to bars or nightclubs to meet women, chances are you?ll encounter groups of girls. Sometimes the group just may be two girls and sometimes it may be more.

While groups of girls shouldn?t intimidate you, if the group is tooling you then you should move on. You know you?re getting ?tooled? when the girls repeat everything you say to one another in an annoyed or condescending way. Often these groups like to make it seem like you?re being a ?creep? and that they?re tolerating your presence only for their own amusement.

f you see this happening, cut your loses and bounce. In fact, I?d even recommend walking away mid-sentence (which I actually did over the weekend when I encountered one of these groups). While a little banter and ball-busting is expected, if that?s all a group of girls gives you then they?re simply wasting your time.

The Freeloader

It may take more than one encounter to uncover freeloaders, which is unfortunate because these girls are a huge waste of time (and money). By definition, a freeloader is a girl who feels that she doesn?t have to contribute anything to the interaction.

The most obvious symptoms of a freeloader is someone who always expects you to pay for thing. Though, freeloaders don?t usually stop there: they?ll expect you to contribute more emotions, more attention, and more time.

While there?s absolutely nothing wrong with picking up the bar tab for a round of drinks or even paying for a dinner or a movie, beware of freeloaders. The best ?test? to determine if a woman is a freeloader is to ask her to contribute something very small (for example, say that you don?t have any small bills and want to leave a 3-dollar tip after paying for a round of drinks) and see how she reacts.

If she seems put off or annoyed by being asked to contribute a small amount of money, then there?s a good chance she?s a freeloader. If you continue to spend time with her, don?t be surprised if she?s ?cheap? in other areas, as well.

The Shit-Talker

You can spot these girls from a mile away.They?re the type of girls who can?t shut up about everyone else?s shortcomings. They?ll shit-talk their friends, strangers, and even their family sometimes.

If a girl you just met starts telling you how annoyed she is with her friends, there?s a very good chance you?re dealing with a shit-talker. Now, shit-talkers aren?t always a complete waste of time. Often they will be very sweet to your face (especially if you indulge their shit-talking habit with an attentive ear).

But be warned: she?s also going to shit-talk you behind your back. You know you?re dealing with a shit-talker when a girl is hesitant to introduce you to her friends or, if she does introduce you, her friends seem suspicious of you. I once even dated a shit-talker who openly confessed that she told her friends ?less than flattering? things about me.

While shit-talkers can be easy to bond with, they?re ultimately not worth the headache. You?ll never be able to take them seriously so you?re better off not investing much time in them at all.

The Monosyllabic

The monosyllabic isn?t so much a ?type? of girl as it is a reaction a girl has. Regardless, if a girl is only giving you monosyllabic or one-word responses?whether it?s in conversation, over text, or on an instant messaging service?then you?re probably wasting your time with her.

Guys often think they can ?turn around? a girl?s disinterest if they keep talking or trying. But really, it?s no different from getting caught in quicksand: the more you struggle, the deeper you?re going to sink. Once girls go into ?monosyllabic mode,? you?re pretty much just spinning your wheels.

Cut your loses and move on. It may be hard on your ego, but there?s nothing that can be done with girls who give you nothing.

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