5 Ways To Text A Girl To Keep Her Attention

It?s no surprise that many dudes struggle to keep a girl?s attention over text these days.

As well as your uninspiring messages, the hottest girls have hundreds of Tinder matches, tons of dudes sliding in their DMs, plus plenty more notifications from their friends and family to distract them.

Still, if she remains interested in you, it is possible to cut through the noise and arrange to see her in real life.

These five tips will make your texts more engaging and help ensure she?s waiting for your text with excitement.

1. Flirting

This is a tricky tightrope to walk, but in the right circumstances, it can work well. You need to judge the right level of flirtation. If you come on too strong, it kills the sexual tension, especially if she?s not playing along. What you don?t want is a situation where you?re sending sexual texts and she?s not into it at all.

The key is therefore to start small and subtle, potentially working your way up to more aggressive sexting. Too much too soon could shock her, just as it would when flirting face-to-face. So, begin by talking about in a playfully flirtatious tone about something innocent, like cuddles. You can still make this subtly sexual with your choice of wordplay. Try telling her you?re going to ?cuddle her brains out? or ?cuddle her all night long?. If she?s into this type of texting, you can ramp it up to make it more overt.

2. Images

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so why not take advantage of the fact that WhatsApp, Telegram, Instagram, Messenger and other online messaging apps allow you to send images for free. A great strategy is to send fun snippets from your day, to demonstrate you have an exciting life that she?d want to be part of.

Selfies should be used sparingly, but can work OK if you take them in a cheeky non-serious way. Natural-looking pics of you and your friends are even more effective. It should go without saying by now, but there is no situation where dick-pics are appropriate. Please, please, please, no dick-pics.

3. Humour

Hilarious texts are hard to ignore. Funny stories from your day work well, as can light teasing of the woman you?re messaging. Of course, if you?re connected to the internet, you have access to thousands of GIFs and memes, so make the most of those.

4. Assumptions

A great rule to follow when texting a beautiful woman is ?no questions?. If you?re sending messages that don?t need responses, this can come across as really carefree, which puts you in a powerful position. Plus, women may not like you enough to think of a witty response for ?how was your weekend?? or any other tedious question that she?s heard a million times before.

Assumptions are a great alternative, because they create intrigue in the women?s mind, especially if the assumption is about her. Typically, she?ll wonder what caused you to make this assumption and reply to find out. ????

5. Voice messages

Ok, this isn?t technically a text, but most messaging apps now allow you to send voice notes. ?This is a powerful tool to help you portray more of your personality. She?ll be able to hear the confidence in your voice, and it?ll be easier to get your emotions across. This will keep a girls? attention, if only because she?ll have to press play to find out what you said.

Tip: get her out on a date as soon as you can

While these tips will help you maintain her attention over the phone, you?ll always be fighting against the barricade of notifications when texting a beautiful woman. The best way to keep her attention and build attraction is to get her alone in real life.

So, rather than focusing on becoming her best texting buddy, see your smartphone as nothing but a tool to invite her out on a date. With every day you wait to ask her out, there may be a new batch of Tinder matches to compete with, so act fast. A good rule is: once she?s replying positively, that?s a good time to suggest meeting up. It might only take one text to hook her in. It certainly shouldn?t take days of messaging back and forth.

Once you?ve had her on a date, in your bedroom or agreeing to be your girlfriend, you can send her all the funny messages you want…

With these tips, you should be able to get your relationship to this stage far more efficiently.

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