How to Know You’re In The Friend Zone

Being in the friend zone sucks. You might have someone you’re close too. You’ve been making advances for days, weeks, months, hell even years, and yet no success.

You thought you’d got all the correct signals, done everything right, but sometimes, investing all your time and emotions into one girl doesn’t always pay off.

Understanding when you’re in the friend zone can be hard though. How do you take a step back and objectively look at the situation when you like this girl?

Well, the trick is to look out for the warning signs. Being in the friend zone can seriously suck, so understanding when you are in that rut is a great first step to fixing the problem.

In this article, we’ll delve into some of the biggest signs that you might be in the friend-zone.

7 Ways of How to Know You’re in The Friend Zone

Being in the friend zone is no fun at all, so spotting when you’re in the danger zone is a good tactic. Knowing when you’re being led down the wrong path can give you a chance to reevaluate and make some changes.

Let’s look at seven of the ways to tell you’re in the friend zone.

1. There’s No Tension

If she’s not on her tip-toes around you, there may be a problem. No tension can mean no romance. Top tip, if a woman is interested in you, she’ll usually be very interested in almost everything you’re saying or doing.

This can lead to a certain level of suspense. She’ll be in the constant questioning state thinking:

“Does he like me?” or “what is he going to do next?” and you’ll often be able to see her nerves in her mannerisms. If you find your crush is completely at ease around you, it might be a warning sign.

You can put this to the test. Next time you’re at happy hour with her, look closely at the way she acts. Does she look like she’s apprehensively excited and a little nervous or is she completely relaxed?

If she’s not showing any positive body language to you?or carefully deciding on what to say, it might mean trouble.

2. She’s Not Laughing at Your Jokes

One of the most obvious ways to tell a woman likes you is if she’s laughing at your jokes. Couples who laugh together stay together and if others are getting your punch line and she isn’t, that’s a problem.

It’s well known that a sense of humor is something that is high up on the women’s attraction list. It really can’t be pointed out enough how important it is to be able to make women laugh.

Laughter and smiling will send endorphins to the brain and endorphins make you feel good. So naturally, by releasing extra endorphins, her brain will subconsciously associate you with good feelings. Thank you science.

Even if your jokes suck, this rule can still apply. If she’s into you, she’ll laugh, no matter how bad your jokes are.

3. She’s Telling You About Her Single Friends

As far as warning signs for the friend zone go, this one is pretty high up there. If your romantic interest is actively trying to get you involved with her friends it’s not a good sign.

This means she is trying to shift her attention away from herself, and onto some other poor soul. This passing on act can be a real pain when you heart it for the first time.

Try not to be too downhearted and watch out for phrases like “Someone like you can get anyone you want” and absolutely don’t answer that phrase with “I just want you”, it’s not going to get you any brownie points. You’ll sound like a kid being scolded in a toy store.

If you’re sat for coffee, and she points out a girl saying how cute she is, you’re deep in the zone my friend.

4. She’s Dragging You Along to The Store

When you think back to all of the times you’ve been hanging out with the girl you like, was it always on her terms? Are you constantly being dragged from store to store helping her shop?

If you’re never doing the things you want to do and instead are always helping her with what she wants, you might be in the friend zone. If she’s always insisting on going to the places she wants to go like her favorite cafe, and to the show she wanted to see, is she doing it for you, both of you or just her?

Think about if she ever came to see an action movie with you, just because it’s what you wanted to watch. What about a car show you had been talking about or a video game convention?

If she’s not making sacrifices to spend time with you and you’re, then it might be a one-sided affair. If a woman is interested in you, she’ll be looking for different ways to please you and a lot of the time you can see that in the things you’re interested in.

5. She Calls You the F-Word

Damn, there’s nothing worse than a girl cussin’ out the big F-Word. Nope, not the one you’re thinking about, we’re talking about being called a ‘friend.’

“You’re such a good friend; I’m so lucky to have you” can kill a romantic moment in the room like an ice-dagger to the heart.

This one’s simple, if she’s calling you her friend, all hope may be lost. It looks like you’re dead in the water.

6. She’s Asking For a Lot of Favors

You might be having the best time in the world hanging out with the girl you like. But if you’re finding that you’re spending more time helping her move house or she’s just over to watch the free cable, it could be a warning sign.

A girl that likes you won’t be interested in asking for your help with the more menial tasks in life. They’ll want to get your attention and do things for you.

Remember that doing nice things for girls doesn’t mean you’re a romantic option, it means your a pushover.

7. She Avoids You at Date Spots

If everytime you suggest going to a spot between the both of you that could be considered a date spot, and she says no, that’s a bad sign. If she doesn’t want to be seen with you in a popular dating spot, she’s definitely not romantically interested.

A good way to tell if this is happening is to see if in public she’s actively trying to avoid people she knows. It’s always easier to find out this sort of thing if you’re at a popular bar or a nightclub together.

Are You In The Friendzone?

Being in the friend zone isn’t a great place to be. If you find that any of these seven tips above is happening to you, it’s time to move on and focus on a girl who values your time.

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