Sticking Points # 3: Running Out Of Things To Say

Never Run Out of Things to Say

I’m back with the sticking point series part 3: Running out of things to say.

In the past we’ve looked at getting to average, dealing with anxiety and getting a woman’s attention and getting her committed to the conversation.

You can check those out by clicking my author profile name, and getting a list of my articles on the blog.

Next we’re going to be diving into the idea of running out of things to say.

We’ve all been there; you’re talking to a girl who seems like she’s into you and all of a sudden you hit the wall going 90 and can’t figure out anything to say to keep the conversation going. It’s not just depressing it can make you want to stop talking to girls once and for all.

So let’s look at how to avoid it.

1. Prepare. The first problem guys have is that they are not prepared to talk to women They don’t know what they’re good subjects are, what they like talking about and what women respond to etc…

2. Relax. The second big problem guys have is they freak out and the anxiety rattles their brain and completely wrecks their ability to recall things. Studies have shown that even seeing a picture of a beautiful women is enough to make men forget their own names. So learning to consciously relax and use relaxation techniques during conversations with women will help you not run out of things to say.

3.? Let go of the need to say the perfect thing. There is no perfect thing to say and saying something is ALWAYS better than saying nothing. One thing we know for sure doesn’t work is sitting there in silence and hoping the girl will carry the load of the conversation.

4. Create a? default system. One of the best things I’ve ever come up with when it comes to avoiding running out of things to say, is the idea of a conversation anagram. The anagram is a word that is made up of other words based on their first letter.

For example if I want to remember my favorite conversational subjects I just think:

Annoying People
TV Shows
Advice giving

Which is way easier than trying to remember than those 6 subjects.

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