The Best Places To Meet Women Aren’t Where You Think

Hitting On Women in Bars, Nightclubs, And On The Street Is Making Your Dating Life Harder Than it Needs To Be

If you want to make your dating life a hell of a lot easier, start meeting women at places where you have a mutual interest.

Let?s face it – bars, clubs, and the street have been done to death. Not only are people busy, or trying to have fun, you have very little that?s immediately in common.

The likelihood of you suddenly meeting a great woman there is astronomically low.

Instead, what you need to start doing is going to places where people are more open to conversation, and ideally, have a mutual interest.

If you do a little thinking outside the box and approach your dating life as an offshoot of your own vibrant lifestyle, you start getting more opportunities than you usually would.

Here are the best ones I?ve found:

Yoga classes

There is no hobby in the world that attracts more women. Hell, just search ?yoga? on Instagram. You?re hard pressed to find a man in the pictures.

Which is odd, because Yoga?s incredibly good for you. As well as a great social atmosphere.

If you?re looking to improve your posture, core strength, mental health, and flexibility – Yoga is a great activity to take up. Just make sure you go to a group session.

Then, start speaking to some of the women there.


Dance classes

If you?re trying to improve your dating life and you suck at dancing, you?re letting yourself down.

One of the easiest ways to develop confidence around women is to learn how to dance. Not only does this teach you rhythm and confidence in your own body, but it also develops your confidence in interacting with and touching women.

Dance classes require you to dance and speak with women. Not only does this teach you a great skill (and exercise), but it also may as well be a layup.

Just make sure, like Yoga, you actually have an interest in the activity.

The gym

If you aren?t working out in the gym already, you should be. It?s just good for you. End of story.

Sure, you don?t have to be slamming three hundred pound benchpresses and working out seven times a week, but you should be at least going twice a month.

There?s a myth in gyms that women either don?t want to be spoken to, or they only want to be spoken to by the biggest, most muscular guy.

These are both bullshit.

Women in the gym are like women anywhere else. They?re open to being spoken to so long as you?re not a complete creep about it.

If you?re a guy who has got his life together, is well groomed, and in slightly above average shape? There?s no reason you shouldn?t be approaching.

An easy way to do this: find a machine you want to use with a woman using it. Ask her if you can swap in each set. Chat with her as you do. If there?s rapport, grab her number and move on with your work out.

You?re there to get jacked after all.

Single mixers/events

Yeah? Does this one really need explaining?

Find a single buddy and start going to these.

The amount of guys who claim to interested in improving their dating life who never go to these astounds me.

Are they filled with thirsty guys? Sure.

Do single women also go there? Of course.

It?s a no-brainer.

Clothing stores

Instead of speed walking everywhere – women in stores are either working or casually strolling around looking at clothes.

They?re way, way more receptive to speaking than they are if they?re startled in the street.

Not only that, if you go to a store that sells both men and women?s clothing (for instance, Top Shop / Top Man in the UK), you?ll find a far, far higher quantity of women walking around than if you were just stopping people on the street.

This takes everything about meeting women during the day and makes it easier and more efficient.

You can also pick up a sweet new outfit as you do.

Another similar alternative to this is coffee shops. Again, everyone here is generally in a pretty chilled out mood so sparking up a conversation is a lot easier than it usually is.

In a park, ideally walking your dog

Like clothing stores, this is simply an enhanced version of the street. People in parks are generally sat down, reading a book and enjoying the weather.

That or they?re walking around in their own heads taking in nature.

Either way, the ?busy factor? is gone and as a result, they?re much more receptive to speaking to you.

And if you happen to have an adorable dog with you, even better.

Cultural attractions

Museums, art galleries, historical landmarks – these are great places to spark up random conversations with people.

You?re both there for the same reason. The conversation starts itself.

Another reason is that people go to these places to take them in slowly. As with the park and clothing stores, these are both places where nobody is in a rush.

On top of this, you get to see some cool stuff in the city you live in, or the one you?re visiting.

Music events

I?ll admit, I?m not the biggest music guy. Festivals and raves just end up getting on my nerves. But whilst I?m a bit of Scrooge, I have plenty of friends who do well here.

If you?re big on music, this is an untapped goldmine. Live gigs, all day raves, music festivals – these are great ways to meet women with similar interests who are keen to meet people like yourself.

You?ll also have a good time.


My personal favorite. Underrated, but couldn?t be easier. If you?re a guy who likes to travel, airports are filled with cool women.

Whether they?re traveling, an air hostess, or even working in the terminal – something about the transient nature of airports seems to make everything (including you) more open to speaking to new people than you?d think.

Putting it all together

All of these are just suggestions based on my own experience. They all work in so far as they fit into your life organically, and aren?t thrust upon it as a forced way to meet women.

Keep these in mind as you go about your life, branch out your experiences, and watch as more dating opportunities begin to show up.

Here are 5 more places to meet women if these tips aren’t enough for you.


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