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How Nice Guys Can Pull the Naughty Girls

Attract Girls Like the Bad Boys While Still Being the “Nice Guy”


Have you ever known a really hot girl and the guys she?s attracted to just seem like douchebags?? I?m sure we all know at least one. ?Well that?s because THEY ARE douchebags and SHE IS attracted to them.

You?ve probably wondered why in hell some hot girls keep going for douchebags and fvckboys, getting their feelings hurt, and then keep going back for the same piece of shit guys.

More importantly, we?ve all been the guy who has to listen to a girl complain about how shitty these guys are but never get a chance to give the girl what she truly wants?

?A nice guy?

I?ve cracked the code and the good news is that the GOOD GUYS can still pull those BAD GIRLS and they don?t have to sacrifice their morals becoming a fuckboy to do it.


Why Women are Attracted to Douchebags

Believe it or not, women are not dumb for going after the douchebag time and time again even though it never turns out to be good in the long run.? Women are attracted to certain qualities that many douchebags have.

There are a few things on the exterior that will attract women and could even get a guy laid but wont likely keep her around for the long haul.? Many Douchebags have at least one of these characteristics.

Women are drawn to three very important things no matter what:

  • Physical Attraction- Obviously! This one is a no brainer. If a guy is good looking, clean cut, in good shape, etc. women will be attracted to him.


  • The?Protector-?A man that has a more AGGRESSIVE PERSONALITY is attractive for women.? It’s an instinctual primal attraction that evolved in the caveman days when women needed a strong man to provide food and protection.? Chicks still dig it.


  • High Social Status- if a guy holds social status whether that be from money, his position at a job, his position as an alpha in a peer group, or just the way he carries himself with an UNSHAKABLE FRAME, woman will be drawn towards that characteristic.


  • Dimension of Character- if you can exude a complex personality that keeps her guessing and trying to figure you out, she will keep chasing. Curiosity killed the cat, right?

Most fuckboys have at least one of these things going for them and it?s usually one or both of the first two.

The first two?physical attraction and high social status?can come naturally to some people and that?s why it seems like they don?t have to try hard to attract women?


Some of us aren?t blessed with a granite jawline and a six pack so we?ve got to be a little more tactful.

BEFORE we go any further, I always encourage guys to work on what you can change.

If you know you?re over weight and that?s not working in your favor, then don?t make it harder on yourself.? Work on losing weight.

If you still dress like you?re in high school and it?s not working in your favor?update your wardrobe.

Get your haircut every couple of weeks.


Women are not attracted to lazy careless guys.? If you look like you don?t give shit about yourself then guess what?



How the Good Guys Get the Bad Girls

You?ve gotta focus on the third attractor:? DEPTH OF CHARACTER

So what the hell that means is you have to keep the girl guessing and trying to figure you out.? The easiest way to do this is to create contradictions in you character that keep her interested.

If a guy has a soft spot for kittens you might think he?s a bitch right?…

Well maybe?

Unless that guy happens to be a big masculine guy that you wouldn?t expect to like kittens.? Then a girl might perceive it as, ?he HAS A GENTLE SIDE and isn?t just a big meat head?

So maybe you?re not a big masculine guy.? Let?s say you?re skinnier and less masculine? but you work out at a boxing gym or train jujitsu.

So instead of Peter Parker, you?re Spiderman.? Maryjane put Peter Parker in the friendzone and was making out with Spiderman.


The trick is that you can complement your strengths by contrasting them with vulnerability and build up your more vulnerable attributes by adding a little grit to them.

You can do this with the clothes you wear, the car you drive, the way you speak, pretty much anything?

Always have a side of you that she never would?ve guessed, and she?ll want to keep perusing you to try to figure you out.

If you?re one dimensional and easy to figure out then the girl is eventually going to lose interest in you and cheat or leave, no matter how good looking you are.

?Jason Momoa is the only exception.? Ask any woman and she?ll tell you?

So unless you?re Aquaman then you better make yourself interesting.

The reason that the world?s most interesting man got all the girls in those beer commercials is not because he was young and extremely handsome?




  • Find a hobby that interests you that a woman might find interesting even if she didn?t want to personally get involved with it herself. I?m not talking about Pokemon Go, joining a competitive video gaming E Sports team, or dungeons and dragons.? Something active is probably better like hiking, fishing, or other outdoor activities.? Women love a man that is outdoorsy even if they don?t like being in the woods.? It gives you that rugged manly man vibe and women dig it.


  • If you?re already outdoorsy or workout a lot and already have a rugged manly man vibe, take the edge off with something smoother. Salsa dancing classes are offered all over the place.? Women love to dance and the good thing about salsa dancing is that as long as you know what you?re doing, you can just lead, and she doesn?t need to have any experience at all.? Great way to sweep her off her feet.


  • If you don?t have any hobbies, skills, or interesting characteristics then it isn?t any wonder why you?ve got girl problems. We?ve got to be more interesting because women are intellectual creatures unlike most guys.? Women love talking about their hobbies and things that interest them so you?ve gotta be able to hold your own as well.? Get out there and become the world?s most interesting man.

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This free training course shows you how to finally break free of your “nice guy” habits ruining your sex life.

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