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Let?s face it, we all have certain things about ourselves that make us feel nervous about approaching women.

We?ve got little dicks, ugly dicks, giant dicks, receding hairlines, hairy nipples, bad breath, snaggle teeth, big noses, extra weight, not enough weight, can?t grow a beard, werewolf toes, and?

?Well you get the idea?

?We?re all a little fucked up because we?re all human?

If it makes you feel any better, most of the things on that list accurately describe me or did at one point in my life.

Never ever stopped me from scoring touchdowns?

What I?ve discovered is that despite women smelling delicious and looking pretty, women also suffer from their own insecurities?

?They?ve got big pussies, small pussies, funky pussies, dry pussies, beef curtains, hairy arms, bad breath, snaggle teeth, unibrows, ugly toes, short eyelashes, crusty lips, small lips, flat asses, little titties, pepperoni nipples, long nipples, frizzy hair, flat hair and all sorts of other stuff that eats at their minds?

?You think men feel pressure trying to approach beautiful women?!? Imagine being a woman!…

They have to be a lady in the streets and a freak in the sheets?but not all the time or else she?s considered a hoe.

She?s gotta have her coochy smelling fresh and ready to eat all the time?despite the biological fact that she has a menstrual cycle.

They gotta have their hair perfect, nails did, makeup right, booty fat, big tits?all that shit



Take whatever it is that makes you feel insecure and just own that shit.

If you have a receding hairline then shave your head bald.? BOOM! TAKE THAT BITCH!

Can?t worry about receding hairline if you don?t have hair.

If you have a little dick, then just tell her to her face.? She won?t know what to think because she wouldn?t expect anybody to admit something that they felt insecure about. ?Ask her if she wants to grab it if she doesn?t believe you.

Your confidence alone will drive her crazy!

I have a friend who would use this line all the time when we were out and he would ALWAYS take a girl home with him.

?Every single damn time?

At some point in the night when things seemed to be going well with a girl he met he would say out of the blue, ?Hey, I gotta let you know that I have a little dick.? And then give her a big stupid smile.

I guess whether she believed him or not, there was only one way for her to find out and once she was in his bed, it didn?t matter anyway.

The moral of the story is that when your balls are that big, she wont care how big your dick is.



Open up telling her the shit like that shows her that you?re a real man and there?s nothing that can make you feel uncomfortable.



?I?ve got snaggle teeth but your clit won?t mind?

?I have hairy ass nipples but you?ll need a soft spot to lay your head after the best orgasm of your life?

?I have hairy ass werewolf feet right but It?s because I?m a beast in the sheets.? It?s a package deal.?

If you begin with that sort of mindset of confidence then what could she possibly say to hurt you?

Mix it up Sam.? Get creative.

We?re all human ok Jack?

The only way you can get dissed is if you let it hurt your feelings.? If you just create that unbreakable frame right off the bat, then you?re starting out in command of the interaction.



It all boils down to how you feel about yourself.? If you own the shit that isn?t perfect it makes women admire you because guess what?



I CAN GUARANTEE that if you own your insecurities, it will make HER FEEL MORE COMFORTABLE around you and a little less insecure about herself.

PLUS she won?t be able to say anything that could hurt your feelings because you?ve proven that you don?t give a shit what she thinks about you.




  • If she gives you any shit about owning your insecurities like there?s something wrong with you just tell her to her face that she poops. I don?t care how pretty she is, she poops too and it ain?t always pretty.? If her teeth are really nice then she probably had braces at some point and remembers how it made her feel.? People who had braces never forget what that was like.? Remember that she is human just like you so just because she?s hot doesn?t mean that she?s better than you.


  • A good line to follow up with right after you own your insecurity ?Hey nobody?s perfect but I?m man enough to own it? or ?It?s cool. I recognize nobody?s perfect, so I won?t kick you to the curb if you have a weird birthmark on your butt. Your secret is safe with me.?


  • If you?re still struggling with being overweight join a fitness club that has group workouts like Zumba, cardio boxing, ect. You?ll definitely meet women there that you can befriend to HACK THE FRIENDZONE but you?ll also get support from folks and meet people who are in the same boat as you.? We?re all human big fella.

Stay thirsty my friends,



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