Leave Your Ex Wishing She Still Had You

How to Rebound from Your Ex After the Breakup LIKE A DAMN BOSS.

Breakups suck?

Go ahead?Argue with me?

Maybe we were the one who dumped her?

Maybe she cheated on us and we?re happy she?s gone now?

Either way, we are probably missing something about her and you have to be reminded of her constantly in all the leftovers of your relationship?

?It sucks?

There are some things that you?ll need to do IMMEDIATELY after a breakup if you don?t want to be the guy standing outside her house getting roasted and ignored.




Best Way to get Over a Breakup

If you?re interested in prolonging the heartbreak?

Missing your ex for a long time?

Wishing you were back together with her?

Then DO NOT follow this advice.

These tactics will get you over your ex and moving onto a new BETTER woman as quickly as possible.

Some of this is going to sound harsh but desperate times call for desperate measures.



Then this is pretty simple?all you have to do is stop sleeping with her and just hang out with other friends more.

If you?re going to hang out with her then its best to do it in groups in order to remove some of the temptation to indulge in old feelings.

You will also want to follow the tips for rebounding quickly that I will cover here in just a second so stay tuned.



Maybe it was a toxic or abusive relationship, maybe she cheated on you, or you cheated on her?

Whatever the case may be, you know if the breakup was ugly and now you guys can?t be friends.

If this is the case, then HERE?S WHAT I SUGGEST

Delete her off your phone in every form?

Email address, phone number, text message history, naked pictures?

That?s right even the naked pictures and the videos?

Block her on every social media platform and all her friends as well because they might be used to get in contact with you?

You can keep her cool family members like if her brother was really cool and you guys kicked it tough but that?s it.

For the grand finale?never talk to her again?ever.

When she calls or texts?and it?s very likely she will?

Do not indulge in the urge to respond even if it is for the sake of reminding her how done you are with her?




Pulling Down the Rebound!

OK so now that you have either cut your ex out of your life completely or put her at a distance so that she won?t distract you from finding new love, it?s time to talk about the rebound.

Getting your ex out of your life is THEE most important step so make sure you didn?t skip the first step?

Nothing is worse than being on a date and getting a call from ?love bumps? or whatever pet name you had her saved in your phone as.

Do you wanna strike out!?…Because that?s how you strike out!



Its funny how people always say they just got out of a serious relationship and they aren?t looking for anything new but then end up hooking up?

?Here?s why?

Once that pressure has been lifted then both parties feel more comfortable and natural?

More willing to just go with the flow and have fun which usually ends in letting loose and tossing caution to the wind.


If you?ve got some female acquaintances, then invite them out with something like?

?Hey, I just broke up with what?s her face and I?m going out for some fun and drinks.? Let?s celebrate my independence day with a drink or 7.?

You can also use this by leading with the breakup.

?Look I just got out of a long relationship so I?m just trying to have fun and be awesome.? You?re welcome to join me though.?


This shows that you are not looking for a shoulder to cry on because you?re already over her?

All you want to do is be free and awesome and you?re going to do it with or without them.



?That is not awesome at all?While you?re out celebrating and being free just go with the flow.

We already cut her out of our life to whatever extent necessary for a reason?

I promise you that THEE most amazing feeling will be having an awesome time with other friends and beautiful women and not even thinking about her.

She will find out what you?re up to either by stalking you with a friend?s social media or something and you will be the winner of the exchange because she will see you out being awesome?

Plus you?ll feel a thousand times more confident in yourself and you?ll be having a blast being free?

Make sure you take time to do all the stuff that you couldn?t do in a relationship?

If that?s more poker nights with the boys?

More paintballing or tailgating or clubbing or whatever just do it so that you can truly feel free?


Pro tips:

  • This is article is talking about an ex-girlfriend. If you have kids with her or you guys are married, I am a strong advocate of trying to work it out.? That?s just my two cents on that but if its toxic or abusive then you gotta do what you gotta do.


  • If you don?t really have any awesome things that you were missing out on while being in a relationship then you might have troubles getting over her. It is likely that you were too consumed with her and not invested in yourself enough and this could be part of the reason for the breakup.? These behaviors will likely put you in the friendzone as you navigate being single so make sure you check out some stuff on that.



  • It is super important to meet new people and mingle. Don?t just spend all you free time playing PlayStation in your dirty drawls.? I?m sure jammin on videogames was something that you missed out on when you were in a relationship?and do indeed jam if that?s what makes you happy but the biggest thing for moving on is the rebound and that requires people.? Check out places to meet women.

Stay thirsty my friends,




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