Don’t Fall Into the “Dating App Trap”

Why You Aren’t Winning With Your Tinder Dates

Social media and dating apps have taken all of the awkwardness out of meeting girls?

?All you?ve got to do is swipe and send messages?

?I mean there is always the odd chance of getting catfished but for the most part, the picture of the girl is a good representation of what you?ll get when you meet her in person?

?When you meet her in person?


If you?re anything like a lot of guys, you feel anxiety about cold approach?

It?s cool bro, EVERYBODY DOES?If you don?t at least feel a little bit nervous when approaching a hot stranger then you?re either crazy or she is not a hot stranger?

?The truth of it is that even if you match with a girl and you guys message back and forth for a long time to get to know each other?

?When you meet up in person, she still kind of feels like meeting a stranger?

?The last thing you want in this world is to match with a hot girl?

?Spend a bunch of time sending craftily planned out messages?

?Finally meet up with her on a date?


Don?t get me confused.? The online shit is dope and it?s super convenient.

It takes away a lot of the stress and anxiety of meeting a stranger who is interested in dating?

?You don?t have to worry about her having a boyfriend who you?ll piss off?or else why would she be on a dating app? ?

?You can get an idea of her interests and shit beforehand, so you?ll have an idea if she?s a good match?

?But unless you?re cool with JACKING OFF TO NUDES that a girl sends you?If you can even get her to send you nudes?

?Then you?re at risk of never getting laid at all if you are depending on dating apps to get your dick wet?


?Fear not?




How Online Dating is Killing Your Chances of Getting a Girl

?The military has all kinds of super crazy missile systems and space rockets and shit?

?But they still infantrymen and women to go out there and shoot a rifle?

You know why?

?Because even if you have all the space rockets and laser satellites in the sky, you?re going to look pretty dumb when the bad guys invade you with boots on the ground if you don?t have your own to fight back?




If you?ve got your tinder set up perfectly and get more matches than you know what to do with?

?And you got the magnetic messaging down to a science to get her on a date with you?

?But you aren?t comfortable around her on the date and don?t live up to the person she thought you were on tinder?


The dating apps are clutch but if you are not getting out there and ?PUTTING BOOTS ON THE GROUND?


You?re gonna get slapped with the ?well?it was really nice to meet you? line at the end of the night and GO HOME ALONE?

?I hope this is making sense guys?

?We can?t avoid the fear of meeting a new person and feeling the pressure to funny and charming and all that?

?It?s part of the game?

?But if try to hard to avoid it then when the ACTUAL HUMAN INTERACTION PART comes into play?

?It?s going to be even worse because instead of perfecting our infield skills, we?ve just been practicing from our couch and not in the real game?

?It?s like playing Madden all the time and then expecting to be Tom Brady as a result?

?It just don?t work that way playa..


So Here?s What You Need to Do

?In real life there are women out there in the world?

?Like the actual physical world?

?Shopping for clothes, going to water parks, grabbing brunch with their friends, and all kinds of normal shit that women do?


?Always is and always will be?


?Cold approaching women in normal ass situations like at the coffee shop, after a workout class, or waiting to get seated at a popular brunch spot is not a high risk and HERE?S WHY?

At bars and clubs, women are bombarded with thirsty ass dudes trying to take them home and fuck them and women are a lot more guarded in these circumstances?

Even the girl who wants to be taken home and fucked has already been approached by so many guys who she doesn?t want to fuck that she?s going to be guarded?


?You?re not at a coffee shop to meet a girl that will fuck you?

?You?re at a coffee shop to drink coffee and read a book, or whatever else it is you do there?

?If you have a casual conversation with her and at the end you ask her for her number to grab lunch sometime?

?She may say no because she has a boyfriend or something and who gives a shit?

?You?ll probably never see her again but HERE IS THE GOLDEN NUGGET?

You?re going to be much better prepared for the real deal by doing this shit.

When it comes time to go on that date with the girl you matched with YOU WILL BE COOL AND CASUAL.

?Instead of being uncomfortable and awkward?

The moral of the story is don?t become so dependent on dating apps that you forget how to meet women.


Pro Tips

  • Check out the links in the article because there is some serious value there for messaging girls and using those apps to get dates. I am not saying that these things aren?t helpful so definitely utilize them.
  • Approaching women makes all men nervous but like anything else in this world, the more you do it the less it bugs you. Keep at it fellas and don?t hide behind messages because it only gets worse.

Keep cookin fellas,


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