16 Hobbies That Build Rock Solid Confidence

There Are Certain Hobbies That Radically Improve Your Confidence. Which Are You Doing?

Here?s a little cheat code: being good at anything will improve your confidence. But there are certain things that improve your confidence better than others. Some are easy to pick up, others require a lot of practice, and some will scare the crap out of you.

But all of them improve your confidence in different ways, developing you into a much more capable, much more fearless version of yourself.

1) Walk up to attractive women and ask them out

I?m gonna throw you in at the deep end here, but if you want to build confidence, start making this a hobby. And yeah, I get that you?re probably thinking this isn?t a hobby, more of an action, but it is. This is something you have to consciously practice. Because if you don?t the fear will get the better of you 99.99% of the time.

Not only will this make you way more confident around women, because you?ll become comfortable with rejection. But it?ll make you a hell of a lot more confident in general. Why? You?ll be honoring your desires and going after them despite fear.

That?s the definition of confidence.

2) Go on nights out without getting completely hammered

Yeah, still in the deep end. Look, going out is something that everyone finds anxiety provoking. This is why they obliterate themselves with alcohol. Make a habit of going out sober and seeing how you find it. Talk to people, approach attractive women, and get used to that feeling of social pressure.

It?s a weird way to develop confidence, but it works.

3) Gain some kind of control over your mind

When your mind is all over the place, it?s hard to get anything done. This can leave you procrastinating, messing around, and then kissing your self-esteem goodbye later on.

Not exactly a recipe for confidence.

Instead, develop some control over your mind. Learn how to redirect your focus. The two easiest ways to do this are through meditation and/or yoga. Give each a try, see what works for you.

With enough practice, you?ll have greater self-control, much more consistency, and a solid foundation of confidence.

4) Learn that language you?ve always wanted to learn but never have

Languages aren?t easy to learn, so taking on that challenge, sticking at it and mastering it is a surefire way to prove to yourself that you don?t suck.

And sure, you might not be super invested in languages. Who really is aside from a handful of bloggers? But there?s always that language you?ve wanted to learn. Maybe you were watching a Tom Clancy flick and thought learning arabic would be awesome, or you were at a bar chatting to a Latina thinking ?if only I knew spanish.?

Well stop dreaming kiddo and make that a reality. Just make sure you?re not learning Elvish.

5) Learn to survive in the wild

Let?s be honest. You?ve watched Bear Grylls, Survivorman, Castaway, Predator, or anything like that and thought ?damn, I wanna be able to do that.?

Well like languages, stop dreaming.

Learning to survive in the wild -camping, finding food, navigating, finding water- is an awesome skill and one that grounds and connects you not just to the earth, but to your own capabilities as a man.

And in this day an age? There?s no excuse not to. There are literally guides on youtube on how to do every single skill you could possibly need. Hell, there?s even a guy who takes down ostriches barehanded.

6) Start being a ?yes man.?

I got this piece of advice when I was in my early twenties and it?s honestly one of the best habits I ever developed.

Start saying yes to opportunities. Sure, they might seem like a hassle. Sure, they might be out of the way or out of your comfort zone. But they will open your life up in ways you would otherwise not have access to.

You?ll find yourself in all kinds of new situations. Partying in the jungle? Sure. Last minute beach trip? Why not.

It is these kinds of experiences which push and develop your confidence. Instead of defining and confining who you are, you?re challenging and exploring what you know to be true.

7) Learn how to fix and build things

There is something appealing in being able to fix and build things. Washing machine breaks down? That?s fine, I?ll unscrew it and figure it out. Want to expand my living room? That?s fine, I?ll smash it down and figure it out.

The more you develop competence at solving problems like this, the more confidence you develop when it comes to solving the problems in your life. You feel more capable, but not only that you feel more capable of developing new capabilities.

Think about that for a second. From there the only way is up.

8) Speak to an audience

Public speaking, for many people, is the scariest shit on the planet. They would rather stare down a charging bear than speak in front of a live audience.

But handling this fear opens you up to new avenues of confidence. First, you?re telling yourself you deserve to be listened to. Second, you?re telling yourself that you?re capable of engaging and entertaining a crowd.

Those are big things to demonstrate to yourself. And although scary, imagine how you?d feel knowing you could do that?

9) Make an audience laugh

Piggybacking off the last point is doing some stand-up comedy.

Sound terrifying? Of course it is. You?re having the audacity to stand up there and think you can make a crowd of people laugh? Who do you think you are?

But again, imagine how you?d feel knowing you could do that? Or imagine how you?d feel knowing you had the balls to try it in the first place?

10) Learn to improvise

If that?s something that seems a little too much, then try hitting up an improv class.

Trying this out will test and develop your ability to think of your feet, and have more spontaneous fun. For guys that are introverted and find thing kind of thing challenging, this is no brainer.

For guys that are already good at this, it?ll just sharpen your skills.

11) Travel alone

You?ve probably spent your entire life in some form of a comfortable little bubble. Make a change and pop it. Go somewhere the exact opposite of where you currently live.

Don?t speak the same language? Great.

Don?t eat the same cuisine? Even better.

The general perception of it is that it?s some alien, hostile world i.e. Colombia, parts of Asia? Find out for yourself.

Doing so won?t just develop your confidence in your own independence, it?ll challenge your conception of yourself as a man.

12) Help others

One of the best ways to build confidence actually has nothing to do with you.

Go out and volunteer. Put some effort into helping other peoples lives.

Not only will this give your life?s problems some perspective, but it?ll also build your confidence in your ability to actually add value to your community and other people. This is an extremely underrated thing to do. Especially in self-improvement.

13) Learn an instrument

Come on. Stop staring at the guitar and start playing it. Yeah, I know. You suck at first but who doesn?t? With enough practice and enough failure, you?ll eventually be able to play something worth listening to.

Don?t do this to impress others. Do it for no other reason than the investment in your own life and interests. That kind of thing builds up in the background, and before you know it, you?re feeling a lot more confident in the way you live your life.

14) Take up a hobby that has you fighting other people

Boxing, MMA, Jiu-jitsu. Fight someone. Spar. Find out what you?re capable of.

You?ll get your ass handed to you. A lot. This?ll build some serious humility. But you?ll also build some reliable skills, and really develop your ability to handle fears. Especially of conflict.

This pays off when it comes to honoring your values and asserting your boundaries with others. It doesn?t take a genius to see how this would make you a lot more confident.

15) Build some muscle and get fit

Would you like to feel stronger? Would you like to look in the mirror and see a more impressive physique?

Come on. We all would.

Hit the gym. Do the reps. Eat the protein. After a lot of time and consistency, it will pay off.

But that?s not all? Hitting weights will build you muscle, but your cardio will be shot to hell.

Knowing how much fuel you?ve got in the tank helps you understand your body, your energy levels, and know what kind of output you are capable of.

This makes you more confident on a fundamental level – you understand your body.

16) Learn to dance

If you?re reading this site you probably want to improve your dating life. Hell, most people do regardless.

Well, learning to dance as a hobby is one of the easiest ways to do this. Not only are you constantly exposed to women that, if you like them, you can ask out. You?re also forced to overcome any discomfort you have interacting with women, speaking to them, touching them and so on.

If you struggle with any of that, learning to dance is the easiest cure. And on top of that, it teaches you leading, rhythm, and builds a hell of confidence on the dance floor.

Most guys look at this one and go ?yeah I will one day? but never actually do.

Don?t make the same mistake.

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