Date Younger Women in Your 40’s and 50’s

Don?t Let Your Age Keep You From Dating Younger Women

?Maybe you?re recently divorced and trying to get back into the game?

?Perhaps you want to relive your younger days even though you aren?t as ?young? as you once were?

?Maybe you just want to make sure you haven?t lost your touch just because you?ve grown up a bit?

Whatever the case may be?

?You?re young at heart and want a woman who makes you matches that?

The moral of the story is that you want to get girls who are a decade?or more?younger than you are.

You?re in luck because I?VE GOT THE RECIPE!

Now don?t think that just because Van is young that I don?t feel where you?re coming from.

I?ve worked with men in their late 50?s who are still sleeping with women who are younger than I am so you?re in luck.

Just because you might have a daughter that is her age, doesn?t mean you can?t get her in bed with you.

There is nothing weird about wanting to sleep with women who are younger than you.

?But there lies the problem?

?You don?t want to give off that creepy old man vibe?

?And you don?t want her to think that you?re over the hill?

You and I both know that you?ve got the goods?

Today you?re in luck because?




Just because you?re in your 40?s or 50?s does not exclude you from being able to date women in their 20?s and 30?s?

In reality, you have a huge advantage over a lot of the guys who are closer to her age.

?You probably didn?t even realize it because you were so concerned about her judging you for the age gap that you overlooked your biggest strengths.


You?re not old?you?re experienced.

The problem that a lot of women in their 20?s and 30?s face is that the men in their age group and dating pool don?t have their shit together?

Even if you?re recently divorced and you may think you are all over the place?

?You?re actually in the perfect spot to attract women younger than you?

?You?ve got some kind of assets that she wishes she could find in men her age?


You?ve got life experience?

?You?ve got your bearings on what you want in life and in a woman?

?Maybe you?re financially stable?

The point being is that you?ve got qualities that these younger boys are still lacking.

?Women in their 20?s and 30?s are at a strange point in their lives?

They?re no longer kids and now they are beginning to value more substantial qualities in a man…

They?re starting to lose interest in younger men who don?t know what they want?

?Who are still doing childish stuff with their boys every weekend?

?And they are starting to see the value in a man who is more stable and mature?

This is your best asset that you can easily provide to them and is one that she is struggling to find?


How to run your game.

Focus on your qualities and make her prove to you that she is worth it.

You?ve got everything that she can?t find in the guys her age so make her prove to you that she is worth it.

By default, you are older and more mature than she is you hold the power in the relationship?

?Keep that power?

The only thing she has over you is that she is younger than you?


You?re age, experience and maturity are your strengths?


When she inevitably asks you?re age, do not get alarmed and don?t get uncomfortable.

If the little boys in her life could give her everything she wanted then you wouldn?t have a chance?

?Fortunately, there are lots of guys I work with you literally sleep with women much younger than I am?

THIS VIDEO gives some solid lines you can use to counter the age question.


Handling the, “So how old are you? question.

There are a lot of easy ways to maintain control and check out that video for some good lines.

The line that works best with a lot of my developed clients is asking her ?how old do you think I am?

Never get to a place where you?re trying to justify that you ?look good for your age?.

The thing is that she wouldn?t be asking this question if she wasn?t already interested in you.

By countering with ?how old do you think I am? with a sly smirk?

?You are still in control and you?re creating more mystery to your persona?

?And women love trying to solve mysteries?

Whatever she says for what she thinks your age is, just respond with, ?thank you! I?m flattered. We?ll just go with that?.

?and then change the subject?

The fact is that she doesn?t really care how old you are, as long as it doesn?t feel like she?s with an ?old man?.

?And no matter what your age, you?re not an ?old man? ?

?You?re a fuckin boss?

By not answering her question and just letting her mind wander, you are continuing to add to your mystery and secrecy.

?Instead of the ?creepy old man? ?

?you?re more like the ?eccentric billionaire? ?


Pro Tips!

  • Focus on your assets. Find out where she is in her life by asking her about herself and the struggles she?s faced in the dating world.? Highlight your qualities that fill in the things she is missing.?? If she wishes she could travel more and you have traveled a lot, tell her amazing stories about some of your experiences.? If she is just fed up with guys who do?whatever it may be.? Use that as ammo to highlight your maturity and experience.


  • If you?re just looking to sleep with younger women that?s perfectly cool. A big thing you?ll want to watch out for is her getting attached and wanting more.? Be ready for that.? You have qualities that she is seeking in someone she wants to spend the rest of her life with and she may want you to get serious with her.? Some younger women may still be naive and may not see that although you have a lot to offer them in a serious relationship, they might not have enough to offer back.? In the long run it might not work out and although you can see that because you?re more mature and experienced.? She may not.? Just be careful and keep your intentions clear so that you don?t lead her on or end up breaking her heart.? Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

Keep cookin fellas,

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