3 Simple Tricks to Make Her Fall in Love with You

The Secret to Getting Women Hooked and Chasing You

Some guys just seem to have the secret sauce?

?It seems like they don?t even have to try, to make women fall for them?

The secret is to their magic isn?t magical at all.

There are actually a few very simple things that any guy can do that will just make go for them.

?Doesn?t matter who you are or what you look like?

These secret hacks are linked to human psychology and work straight on her subconscious mind, so she doesn?t even realize what?s goin on?

?Next thing she knows, SHE CAN?T STOP THINKING ABOUT YOU?

?As usual?




Say her damn name!!

I?m sure we have all heard that Destiny?s Child song and that?s exactly what we want to do.

People love hearing the sound of their own name?

?Whether they realize it or not and women are no different?


If she has a nickname or she goes by a short name?

Say for example, her name is Katherine, but everyone calls her Kat for short?

Tell her you want to call her Katherine because that is her real name.

?If she hates her name then she will let you know?

?In which case just call her by her nickname?

But she might say something like,

?only my family calls me by my full name?

?my mom only calls me by that when I?m in trouble?

?or something along those lines?


What this does is separates us from the rest of the men she meets?

?Every other guy only calls her by her nickname, but we call her by her real name?

?And even though she doesn?t realize it, she is going to be MORE COMFORTABLE AROUND US?

?She?s going to put us in a different category in her mind?

Only the people who are really close to her call her by that name so we can get closer to her in her mind just by saying her full name.

IF SHE DOESN?T HAVE A NICKNAME, we still want to say her name often when we talk to her.

So, when we are talking to her and ask her if she wants a drink or something, just throw her name in there.


It is more intimate when people say your name while talking to you.

Simple little things can make a huge difference.

?This is thee simplest trick to start to hack a woman?s mind and get her to unconsciously become closer to us.


Tip number 2!


?You?re probably thinking, ?how the fuck am I supposed to just get her open up to me??

Well that?s a valid question but hang tight because it?s easier than you think.

?The easiest way to get women to open up is by asking them deep questions?


?If money didn?t matter, what would you do with your life??

?Truth or dare?? have a truth and a dare in your mind before you ask her.

?Have you ever had a dream that you were naked? What was it like??

?What is your weirdest phobia??

?If you could go back in time to any period, when would it be??

?If you could be any animal, what would you be??

?Some of these questions might seem strange to ask a woman and THAT?S THE POINT.

We don?t want to be like every other guy who just asks boring ass shit and has bland conversation…

These questions will not only set us apart from other guys she meets?

?They are going to lead us to way deeper and meaningful conversation with her?

What this does is quickly builds trust and makes her feel like she knows us on a deeper level.

?And that trust is what is going to make it feel natural when we go in for the kiss or whatever happens next?



If we want to keep a woman interested in us?

?You know?

Keep her chasing after us like we?re her celebrity crush?

?Keep her doing all the things we like and not losing interest?

?have her text us right back every single time?

?have her come over and ride us like a rodeo bull on her lunch breaks?




Essentially, women love trying to solve a mystery but as soon as they do, they lose interest?

It?s like when you have a really good riddle that is stumping you?

?You can?t stop thinking about it?

?It drives you crazy and keeps popping back into your head even when you don?t want it to?

?but as soon as someone tells you the answer, it?s so anticlimactic that you can?t even remember the riddle a week later to try to stump your friends?

It?s like all that attraction and mystery just vanishes from your mind as soon as you figure it out.

Women are the same way when it comes to men and WE WANT TO BE THE UNSOLVABLE RIDDLE!


?Here?s how we do it?


The key is by creating depth of character and never letting her put you in a box.

The simplest thing you can do is create levels though your style that contrast your personality?

I call it being either ?The Refined Savage? or ?The Eccentric Intellectual?.




?The Refined Savage?:

The refined savage is someone who upon first impression, appears to be more masculine in character.

The woman will assume that he has more masculine characteristics if he is muscular, has masculine features, used to play sports, has athletic hobbies etc.

What he needs to do is contrast that by displaying a part of his personality that is more graceful, nerdy, sophisticated.

He could be into poetry, be a huge Star Wars fan, take a salsa dancing class, start playing an instrument etc?

?He goes for things that will show her that although he appears to be a brute or an idiot?

?He is actually refined and has a sophisticated side?


?The Eccentric Intellectual?:

The eccentric intellectual is someone who does not appear to be very athletic?

?Maybe his career choice has been lucrative but boring?

?A lawyer, accountant, business manager, professor, etc?

?Maybe he isn?t very athletic?

What he needs to do is add some moxie to his character?

?If you don?t know what that word means then please look it up because this is important?

?Essentially, he just needs to have some characteristics, hobbies, or even interests that show her HE IS NOT JUST A BORING INTELLECTUAL!!!

?Salsa dancing, sky diving, hunting, fishing, martial arts, shooting, etc?

Now you don?t have to be an expert in any of these things?


If you Just express a passion or interest in these things it will begin to scramble her mind and keep her guessing to try to figure you out.


Pro tips!

  • When you are saying her name it is important not to wear it out. All I?m saying here is to consciously say her name casually in conversation but not in every sentence.


  • Once you?ve determined which personality type is the best fit for you (refined savage or eccentric intellectual) make sure you don?t forget where you came from. You want to keep flip flopping between the two contrasting characteristics. Even though you want to be refined, don?t forget to be a savage sometimes. Just because you?re being more eccentric, don?t forget you?re still an intellectual. This isn?t meant to get you to pretend to be someone you are not. It?s meant to just add some more depth of flavor to your personality so keep the balance and you?ll keep her guessing.


Keep cookin fellas,

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