How To Make Her Notice You

A guide for girls you meet at work, college or the gym

You’re so close, yet so far?

There’s an incredible woman on the outskirts of your social circle,

She appears to be exactly your type. You love how she puts herself together, while her personality seems to fit perfectly with yours.

The only problem? She has no idea how awesome you are. ?

In fact, you don’t appear to be registering on her radar at all.

Maybe you’re one of the quieter members of your friendship group, or she’s brushed off the attempts you’ve made to get her attention.

Either way, it’s still possible to make her notice you without behaving like an obnoxious loudmouth. ?

Here are five tips to make your dream woman notice you.

#1 Talk to her

Your first move is step up and start a conversation.

It’s not “too needy” to cold-approach a woman. You don’t need an excuse to talk to her and there’s no need to wait for her to show interest in you. So, enough with the excuses.

The temptation might be to wait until the perfect moment, and this might actually be a good idea if you’re in a working environment.

Interrupting an important-looking conversation can come off unprofessional and socially uncalibrated. ?

However, sliding into the conversation when she’s socializing is perfectly fine.

Don’t be the guy who uses the “perfect moment” excuse to never speak to her.

In these situations, I like to start the conversation with a cheeky assumption, based on something you noticed about her. These make the conversation fun – and let you stand out more than every other chump who opens with smalltalk. ?

If you’re work or school colleagues, it’s easy to talk about your commonalities, but every other dude does this too.

It’s hard to build excitement, ?sexual tension or meaningful connections around these topics, so you’re better off speaking about your lives outside of this.

#2 Flirt and ask her out

A lot of dudes will try to become “friends first” and there are lots of situations where that can be helpful.

After all, a super-direct approach is likely to make her defensive and awkward if she’s surrounded by important colleagues,

Also, if you’re too polarizing, there’s every chance she tells other people in your circle about it. Ideally, you want to avoid developing a reputation for being the “pick-up guy” who hits on everyone.

On the other hand, she does need to know your intentions, or at least have a solid idea of them. There’s nothing stopping you being that fun guy who peppers his conversations with the occasional compliment. In fact, even a tiny hint of this will do a lot to differentiate you from every other guy who talks to her. ?

Don’t wait to ask her out, either. Even if you’ll be seeing each other again within this social environment, that’s no reason to delay spending one-on-one time. ???

This is a great way to avoid the friendzone and it’s more than enough to put you on her radar. Plus, it reduces the odds of her falling for some other guy while you were playing the “long game”.

There’s nothing wrong with making the invite seem super-casual, provided you’ve shown your intent. If you’re in a group setting, this reduces the social pressure, making it easier for her to agree.

Don’t sweat it if she declines your offer either. If you asked her out confidently and weren’t put off your stride by the rejection, this will impress her.

As she gets to know you better, the door may well remain open for a date in the future, especially if follow the following three tips. ?

DISCLAIMER: ?Tread carefully in the workplace. Any flirting taken the wrong way could end with disciplinary action for sexual harassment, especially in this supposedly era of #MeToo. It’s debatable whether with hitting on your work colleagues is ever worth the potential hassle when things go south. ?

#3 Leadership skills

You can lead a group without being a loud over-compensating asshole.

Leadership can involve:

  • Making decisions. In most social situations, almost everyone is waiting for someone else to make a decision on the group’s behalf. If you can stand up and be the individual that makes decisions for the group, women will not only respect you, they’ll thank you! It’s rare that they ever want to take leadership! You don’t even have to always get your own way. The fact that you’re offering decisions with assertiveness can do a lot to make women notice you.
  • Organising cool events. Everyone respects the person who puts together fun events for the social group. If you’re the one inviting women to these fun events, you’ll be on their radar as an alpha-male.
  • Always have something to say. Leaders tend to dominate conversations. It’s not because they’re the most literate, the smartest or the most well-traveled. It’s literally because they believe the most that what they have to say is awesome. Teach yourself to speak with no filters and watch how women flock towards you.

#4 Be unapologetically yourself

“Be yourself” is such cliche advice.

Nevertheless, being the most unfiltered, unapologetic version of yourself is so powerful.

While every other dude is trying to blend in the crowd, embrace what makes you different.

Make the jokes YOU find funny. Wear the clothes YOU want to wear. Tell the stories you want to tell. Be loud and proud with your body language and voice tonality.

It’ll make it harder for women to forget you.

#5 Use social media to your advantage

Young women are glued to social media nowadays. It’s arguably easier to hold her attention there than in real life.

Instead of swapping phone numbers with women you want to date, exchange social media details.

Now, every time you’re out living your awesome life, she’ll spot that and become increasingly intrigued in you.?This guide on how to get girls using Instagram explains more.

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