The Two Reasons Why a Woman Will Breakup or Cheat on You

How to Avoid Getting Dumped or Cheated On

Dating and attracting women can be a difficult science by itself?

We?ve got to get her interested, say the right things and win her over.

Some guys think that once you get a girlfriend we?re in the clear?

?Mission accomplished?

?Pack it up fellas, our work here is done!



Ask any guy who has been in a relationship and they?ll agree.

Once she becomes our girlfriend, then the real work starts.

Now we have to deal with the delicate balance of keeping her satisfied, keeping her interested while also trying to have a life of our own.

The more serious the relationship gets, the harder it becomes to do all these things?

?We decide we want to move in together and now there is a whole new dynamic that we have to navigate?

The shit is not easy.

If we don?t play our cards right then we are going to get cheated on, dumped, or both.

?We don?t want any of these things to happen?

Let?s talk about how to avoid looking up those, ?how to get your ex back? videos?

?And keep the girl we got in the first place?

We went through all that work getting her to be our girlfriend so let?s not throw it all away.




Why Women Leave a Relationship

Now it might seem like there are a lot of different reasons why women dump their boyfriends?

?And if we asked women all over, they would probably give us a million different answers?.

But the truth is that they all boil down to a few specific things.



What a woman means when she says this is that the things that we used to do early on in the relationship when we were trying to get her to be our girlfriend?

?We don?t do anymore?

This is common.

Men and women will both inevitably do this if they can manage to stay in a relationship long enough?

Don?t panic?


  • Keep going to the gym and don?t let yourself go.
  • Netflix and chill is cool and shit but don?t stop taking her on dates, going out dancing, etc.
  • Keep showing her that you think she is beautiful. I know we?ve probably told her a million times and we?d think there?s no way she could forget?but she needs to be reminded?all the time.
  • Blow off the boys sometimes. Early on when we were first dating her, spending time with her was a priority. Blowing off the boys from time to time to be with her will show her that we still care.
  • The adventure ended. Remember all those big dreams and aspirations we had? If we let them fall to the wayside then we can?t be surprised when her attraction to us does as well. Keep pursuing new things. Having our own passions and goals reminds her that we are a boss and we are going places with or without her. Women don?t mind tagging along if there is going to be an adventure so we gotta stay interesting.



Don?t worry guys, if we sucked at sex the whole time then she probably wouldn?t have become our girlfriend.

?So what the fuck happened?…

We used to have awesome freaky ass passionate sex and now it just seems like?well not any of that anymore.

There are going to be some hard truths we have to take responsibility for on this one?


  • Be more romantic. Once that initial excitement and ?new car smell? has faded, pulling our dicks out or walking around with no shirt on doesn?t get her going like it used to. She?s seen us a million times so we gotta do things a little different now. Being romantic like foot rubs, back massage, playing different music when you fuck, flowers and shit, can all help get her in the mood and remind her why we?re king dick.
  • Try hard?again. When we first fuck a girl, we try to put our name on it. We want her to know that we got the goods so we take pride in our work and try to lay it the fuck down. If sex just becomes us eating her out so she cums and then we fuck her for 10 minutes and bust a nut, she will get bored?EVEN IF SHE IS GETTING AN ORGASM. Don?t forget to put your back into it and even your tongue?especially if she isn?t cumming anymore like she used to.
  • Mix it up. If we?ve been with a girl for a while, then we?ve probably fucked on every surface of the house and every room so that excitement has faded?If we haven?t?then that is a good place to start. Spice up the sex a little bit. Maybe explore some role playing, bondage, butt stuff, vibrators, porn or anything that will give sex a new flavor. SEE PRO TIPS
  • Fucking when we should be loving. Sometimes women want to make love and sometimes women want to get fucked like a Cancun spring break one night stand. Sometimes they want kissing and touching with the lights off and sometimes they want their hair pulled, ass smacked, and you to spit in their mouth?Sometimes? The truth is that no woman ever only wants one all the time. Some women like one more than the other but if we don?t find her balance and satisfy both?Some other guy will.

Pro tips!

  • If the idea of having a threesome comes up as an idea to spice up the sex life, PROCEED WITH CAUTION. This is very hard to sustain and if you are having relationship problems already then this will more than likely kill it for good. If there is another dude involved then she could catch feeling for him and if there is another girl involved she could think lose confidence in herself and the relationship. I do not recommend this if you actually love the girl and want to be with her.


  • All women cheat either because they don?t feel loved anymore or because they aren?t getting fucked how they like. The loved part translates to you making her feel special, keeping shit exciting, or not treating her like we used to. If you falter here, she will end up leaving for a guy who makes her feel special again. If she isn?t being fucked right it?s not just sex. We talked about the sex stuff. This could mean that she no longer finds us attractive because we have let ourselves go, stopped being the leader in the relationship, or no longer exude alpha male qualities. If you falter here, she will cheat on you with a big ass black dude named Tyrone or Jamal or somthing because he is gonna fuck her right and be ?a real man? for her?Whatever that means for her.

Keep cookin fellas,


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