How To Live Shamelessly (And Why You Should)

The best decision you could make

Living shamelessly will drastically improve your life in a number of ways.

It?s arguably a prerequisite for attracting high-quality women.

But it?s not as easy as it sounds?

In fact, very few people commit to shamelessness. Instead, we live life based on other people?s opinions. ??

Below, we explore why so few people decide to live shamelessly, what will happen when you do, and how you can start today.

What is shamelessness??

At its core, shamelessness means living by your own values, not the opinions of others.

It?s wearing ?outrageous? outfits because you think they?re cool. It?s discussing ?nerdy? topics because you think they?re interesting. It?s taking ?embarrassing? actions to get what you want.

It?s writing your own rules. You decide what?s outrageous or nerdy, and whether this is embarrassing. No-one else. As long as you aren?t hurting anyone, it?s hard to deny that this is awesome.

Yet, haters will deny this. ?

In fact, the word ?shameless? is often used to try and shame people who are acting too excessively. Maybe you?ve been called shameless because you were rejected by nine girls, then went home with the tenth. Perhaps you?ve been accused of shameless self-promotion on social media. Women who show any hint of sexuality are called ‘shameless’ by slut-shamers.

There’s a theme among all these accusations. They?re always made by people, who are too afraid to do what you do, wanting you to live by their own scaredy-cat values.

Jealous haters. ?

Of course, there?s never any benefit to listening to jealous haters. Yet, the fear of attracting them is enough to stop most people living shamelessly.

Humans have an innate desire to ?fit in’ with society. It stems partly from our tribal nature. So, if haters try to shame our behaviour, we feel inclined to reign it in.

Yet, this decision is stopping us being truly happy or successful.

How ?fitting in? limits you

If you’re aiming to ‘fit in’ with the masses – or in other words to ?be ordinary? – how can you expect extraordinary success? Why would you deserve an extraordinary woman by your side?

The best you can hope for is a slightly above-average woman who dreams of settling for a slightly above-average man?

Sure, you might not attract many haters, but you’ll struggle to find any woman who believes you?re truly AMAZING.

That?s not to say you don?t have the potential to be amazing. You?re just choosing to suppress it.

But let’s say you choose to shamelessly embrace what makes you different. You go full Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson, David Bowie, Freddie Mercury, Eminem.

Sure, you may attract a fair amount of haters, just like these musicians did. But you’ll also attract loads more people who LOVE what you stand for?

That’s what you need to attract an army of loyal followers in business. That’s what you need to seduce the hottest women.

Why is shamelessness so attractive?

?Fitting in? is like vanilla ice-cream. It?s watered-down beer. It?s OK. Nobody hates it. ????

Living shamelessly is being the strongest version of some other flavour. Some people hate it. But some will LOVE it above all others.

The hottest women aren?t looking for a watered-down vanilla man. They?re looking for the best version of their ?type?. You can be that person by showing your full personality without filters.

When doing so, you?ll exude a number of other naturally attractive characteristics.

Self-confidence. Charisma. Assertiveness. Drive. A strong masculine frame.

That final trait is essential. With a solid masculine frame, a woman is free to unleash her beautiful unpredictable femininity. The hottest women will shit test the hell out of you to test your frame. They?ll poke for shame surrounding all aspects of your personality. By being truly shameless, you can pass these tests and win their hearts.

It could be argued the entire process of picking up a woman is a test of your shamelessness.

  • You interrupt whatever the other woman is doing.
  • You introduce yourself and other people hear it.
  • You tell her she looks fantastic. ??
  • You tell her about yourself.
  • She teases or ?shit tests? you.
  • You invite her on a date or pull back to your apartment.

If you can shamelessly navigate all these steps, there?s every chance she?ll be into it. The moment a hint of embarrassment creeps in, she?ll often lose attraction. ??

If only for this reason, every man should start learning how to live shamelessly.

How to live shamelessly

Perhaps you are an ordinary man who doesn’t take too many risks or have zany hobbies?

If so, there’s a right and wrong way to start living shamelessly. ?

Dressing as a circus clown and performing street magic won’t automatically attract a line of hotties to your front door. Not by itself, anyway. ?

Your shamelessness needs to be fuelled by passion and drive in order to be truly attractive.

With this in mind, here are four useful steps to boosting your life by living shamelessly. ?

#1 Decide what you really want in life

A great question to ask yourself is: ?what would I do with my life if I wasn’t afraid?? This question will uncover where shame is holding you back.

Write down the answer. You may feel the urge to create a list with multiple entries. Yet, there will often be one or two actions that stand out as the most important.

Most likely, you?ll list a passion you want to chase or a value you want to embody. Perhaps you want to be courageous, charismatic, adventurous, for example…

When answering this question, dream big. After all, in this scenario, you’re not being held back by fear of failure.

Add why you want this. If your why is strong enough, you?ll find it simple to overcome fear.

#2 Make your goals public

Social media makes it easier than ever to publicly announce your goals. You can use it to document the journey to your success too. Talk about it whenever you meet people. ?This is a great way to attract fans who want to support your cause and help you reach success.

Don’t believe the myth that discussing your passions is unattractive, either. The truth is: talking about your passions makes people feel passionately about you.

Remember: you’re aiming for your haters to call you ?shameless?. ?

#3 Figure how it can be done – and get started

It?s likely your goals have already been shamelessly achieved by someone else. That?s great! Go find a book on how they did it and get started!

Accept it will be scary. Everyone who did it before you felt the same. They all had excuses not to start. They all feared being shamed. But they pushed past these obstacles – and you can too.? ?

#4 Don?t?apologize

We all get one shot in life – and you?re choosing to live yours to its fullest, No-one should ever apologize for this. ?

Sure, your values might clash with other people. There will be jealous haters. But don?t back down.

Most people will be inspired by you. You?re living your best life – which most of us are too afraid to do.

Living shamelessly will attract great things into your life. Success. Raving fans. Beautiful women.

But most importantly of all, it creates true happiness.

You?re living life by your own rules, and there?s little that?s more fulfilling than that.

Last year, I made the ?shameless? decision to film my entire dating life for a documentary that aired on national TV. My new book ?The Camera Never Lies? details the 17 brutal truths about women, dating and life learned from this experience. Click to learn more and download the first chapter for free >>


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