9 Online Dating Red Flags To Watch Out For

If she?s showing several of these warning signs, it?s time to move on.??

Online dating can be convenient for meeting women, but there are so many traps you can potentially fall into.?

A lot of men become disheartened by the amount of catfish and scammers on Tinder, Bumble, Hinge and the rest.

On top of that, there?s the women who only use these apps as a validation tool, and have no intention of meeting up with anyone.

If you?ve invested time and energy into any of these time-wasters, you?ll know how frustrating it is.?

This guide will help you identify the most common online dating red flags, so you can quickly dismiss bad profiles and focus on high-quality women instead.?

9 Online Dating Red Flags That Should Encourage You To Swipe Left?

Here are the biggest warning signs to look out for when searching for a date online.??

1. Profiles with one photo

If a woman only uploads one photo, this is a clear sign she?s not taking online dating seriously.

Worse still, it may mean this is the only photo of her she thinks is attractive. Perhaps it?s an old picture from the days she was younger and slimmer.

The majority of catfish or scam profiles have one photo only, so keep your wits about you.?

It?s always a good idea to swap social media profiles before agreeing to meet, if only so you can gather more evidence of what she looks like in the present day.

Of course, if she has ZERO photos, that?s even more of a bad sign.??

2. Profiles with no full-body photos

If she has a good body, she?ll be smart enough to show it off in at least one photo.

If she sticks to mugshots, she may be trying to hide the fact she?s overweight.?

3. Too many filters

Yes, we all know that Millennial and Gen-Z women are fascinated with silly social media filters.

But if all of a woman?s photos are manipulated this way, she?s probably hiding something.?

4. Negativity

If you actually bother to read her online dating bio, you can often find signs that she?s going to be a nightmare in real life.?

A classic tell is when women stuff their online dating bio with lists of what they don?t want. These women are the most likely to be unpleasant during online dating conversations.?

They usually respond terribly to any form of playful teasing. You can also prepare for a lot of negativity on the date, if you make it that far.???

Classic red flags to watch out for include:??

?I?m sick of guys who??

?Don?t ask me about???

?Is that the best opener you have??

?My children/cats/job will always be number one…?

?I don?t know why I?m here…??

?Don?t be a cheapskate…?

?Proud feminist?

5. Nothing on her bio, except her social media details

In their desperate bid to become ?social media influencers?, a lot women have realized they can quickly gain legions of thirsty followers by posting their IG handle on every popular dating app.

Often, these women have no interest in meeting or even messaging their online dating matches. A lot of them have boyfriends.?

These women typically include nothing on their bio, except their Instagram handle. A lot of them will insist they ?don?t use this app much, so message me on IG instead?.??

6. Asking for money

You may have heard of ?romance scams? where female profiles build an intimate connection with desperate guys, then ask to borrow money for an emergency.?

Well, this is happening on a much wider scale in 2020, albeit for smaller amounts of money.???

There?s a new trend of women putting their CashApp or Venmo details in their online dating bios and encouraging men to donate and ?see what happens…?

Spoiler alert: nothing good ever happens when you do this.

Another older trend involves women asking their Tinder matches to buy them a takeaway pizza. This won?t help you land a date either.??

It?s fair to assume that any women trying to pull off these stunts aren?t too serious about meeting someone from dating apps.

Even if she does want to meet, do you really want to date a woman who feels entitled to free money just because she?s beautiful??

7. Explicit opening messages

If you?re an average guy and she asks for sex in her opening messages, she?s either a catfish, a scammer, a bot or she?s using online Tinder for cheap giggles.

Life isn?t this easy for run-of-the-mill dudes, so be suspicious.?

8. She won’t swap phone numbers or social media

It?s a good idea to swap phone numbers or social media details as soon as you?ve established some chemistry on the app.

This helps prevent you from getting lost in the swathes of messages she?s getting from her other matches.

It also allows you to make calls, send voice messages and learn more about each other.?

If she?s not willing to swap these details – even when she?s invested in the conversation – this is a huge red flag.?

Either she has something to hide or she?s not serious about meeting you.?

Move on either way…

9. One-word responses

If she?s just giving one-word responses, it could be that you?re not interesting enough for her.

However, if you?re sending fun and engaging messages and she?s putting no effort into replying, it?s time to question why.

In most cases, she?s either:

  • stupid;?
  • boring;
  • doesn?t speak good English;?
  • too lazy/entitled to send interesting messages.??

Even if they are all of the above, most women still make an effort for a man she thinks is truly valuable.?

So, if she doesn?t invest, it?s usually best to move on.?

It?s possible to plow through an awful conversation and get her out on a date. But don?t expect the date to be any more interesting.??

How to avoid online dating time-wasters

It?s impossible to completely bypass online dating time-wasters.?

The best thing you can do to be taken seriously on online dating is to upload great photos.

Online dating is primarily a visual platform and good-looking people are treated better. There?s nothing anyone can do to change that.?

If you worried that she doesn?t look like her online pictures, don?t be afraid to ask for more. If she?s legitimately hot, she won?t be offended.?

Other than that, all you can do is keep your wits about you, remain picky and don?t let thirst overcloud your brain.


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