How To Stop Worrying What Other People Think Of You

To attract the most beautiful women, you have to stop caring what they think about you.

It’s one of life’s great ironies. The moment you stop worrying what other people think of you, it begins to transpire that most people LOVE you.

Sure, you might pick up a few more haters along the way. But you’re done caring what they think anyway. It’s a win-win.

You better believe this applies in modern dating.

Beautiful women are so used to men doing whatever they can to impress them. It becomes predictable. Unimpressive. Almost repulsive.

When you need someone to like you, it reeks of insecurity.

When you don’t care what other people think, it communicates incredible self-confidence.

It also creates uncertainty about whether you want her, which gives her space to chase you. This is crucial for seducing the highest-quality women.

But, how can you stop worrying what other people think of you?

Humans are social creatures. Being disliked by just one person is uncomfortable. Being ostracised by society is one of our greatest fears. In some cases, this can force us to miss out on friendships, relationships or professional opportunities.

That’s why it’s not possible to simply ‘stop worrying’.

However, there are a few actions you can take to gradually reduce the amount of damns you give about other people’s opinions.

There are four powerful ideas listed below.

1. Self-esteem boosting exercises

When you think highly of yourself, it’s rarer that you’ll be affected by other people’s opinions.

You might be confused as to why they don’t like you. You might think they’re a bit silly. But it won’t impact your self-image.

Hopefully, you can accept that they’re ‘not your kind of person’ – and that this is totally fine.

Here are some of our favourite self-esteem boosting exercises.

2. Comfort zone exercises in public

When you do something that potentially makes you look silly in public, a few great things happen.

  • You’ll realise that most people don’t care what strangers are doing with their lives. Most people don’t really care what their friends are doing! They have their own lives to worry about.
  • You’ll realise that – even if they do think you’re an idiot – barely anyone will show it. Most people are too polite. You definitely won’t be ostracised from society!
  • You may see that some people think it’s awesome to leave your comfort zone, especially if you’re spreading good vibes to the public.

A great example of this is running daygame. As long as you’re genuine and empathetic, women will often thank you for being brave enough to speak to them.

Plus, even if a comfort zone exercise embarrasses you, that still serves to kill your ego.

Your ego is the voice inside your head telling you: “You’re too cool/important/professional to do that.”

Once you disprove this voice, you’re free to do whatever you actually want with your life.

3. Develop an unbreakable vision for what you want to achieve

When you have a solid idea of what you want from life and an unbreakable desire to make it happen, other people’s opinions become irrelevant.

How much time do you think the world’s greatest entrepreneurs spend listening to people who make fun of them?

How about the world’s most powerful politicians?

Even your favourite dating coaches probably have tons of haters, or loved ones begging them to quit.

All these people are polarising characters, but they’re far too focused on their life’s mission to care what haters think. And that’s why they’re successful.

If you’re contemplating giving up your passion, you’re not passionate enough. So, maybe you should give up and find something you truly care about.

Or perhaps you should grow a pair of balls and focus on living your best life.

Whatever you do, don’t become that elderly person who was too afraid to achieve what they wanted. That’s one of the biggest regrets of the dying.

4. Accept there will always be haters

Let’s look at some of the most successful and beloved entertainers of the modern era. Eminem. Michael Jackson. David Bowie. George Michael. Elton John. Freddy Mercury. Kanye West.

Even these guys still had a lot of people hating or laughing at them.

It’s impossible to play it safe, please everybody and still be successful.

If you want to be a somebody, your best bet is to be unapologetically yourself and let the chips fall where they may.

Why it’s more important than ever to not worry what other people think

I asked one of my writing mentors Matt Rudnitsky how he deals with fear of criticism.

He said: “The best antidote is a regular publishing schedule. You realize: Most people don’t give a crap about what you write. And a few do, and they’re almost all positive.

“94% of people ignore you, 5% thank you, and 1% spew irrational hatred so stupid that you can’t take it seriously. They have sticks up their butts.”

But perhaps you’re not a writer…

Maybe you’re a performer, a business owner or an international playboy.

The message remains the same.

Follow your dreams with such intensity that you don’t have time to care what anyone else thinks.

The more genuine you are, the more of this 94% will fall into the ‘love’ or ‘hate’ categories.

But that’s more crucial in the modern day than ever!

High-level people have more choice than ever as far as who they spend their time with.

They won’t want to hire you, buy your product or even hang out with you if they just think you’re ‘kind of OK’.

And they definitely won’t want to date you!

Beautiful women now have an incredibly vast choice of suitors, thanks to online dating and social media.

So, you have to make an impact!

It’s not enough to be a run-of-the-mill guy anymore. You need to be uniquely and unapologetically awesome. Whatever that looks like to you.

To do that, you have to stop worrying whether people think you’re weird.

It’s a long journey – but hopefully these tips will help you reach that state of mind.

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