Why The Average Guy’s Dating Life Will Turn To Shit In 2019

Brace yourselves, average men

The average guy?s dating life has historically been a bit shit. Recent studies suggest he sleeps with just seven women in his lifetime. One for every 8.5 years of his expected adult life…

Still, he at least had a chance of coupling up with a half-decent woman from his workplace and social circle back in the day.

Those days are slowly disappearing, and it?s only going to get worse.

Even the ‘Plain Janes’ could soon be out of his reach, unless he steps up and becomes a better version of himself.

Here?s why?

Plain Jane?s dating pool is widening

Back in the day, ?Average Stan? never had a chance with the hotties in his home city. Women have never wanted to date downwards, and this isn?t going to change any time soon.

But what about the plain-looking introverted women who didn?t really go out and party? Back in the day, these women wouldn?t meet too many men outside of work and their inner circle of friends.

If Stan shared an office with her or got set up by a mutual friend, he?d have a pretty good shot of making her his girlfriend.

He?d only have to be better than the limited amount of other dudes that knew her and wanted her.

That?s not the case anymore.

Plain Jane?s dating pool has widened substantially. First came the social acceptance – and therefore huge growth in popularity – of online dating.

Then, came the takeover of social media apps like Instagram and Snapchat and the culture of DM-sliding.

Suddenly every guy in Jane?s city has access to her. Hundreds of guys are shooting their shot on Tinder, even many who believe they?re above her. More and more are doing the same on Instagram.

It means she can now potentially choose from hundreds of high-value guys to date, even if she barely leaves the house.

Meanwhile, ?Average Stan? faces the task of competing with all of them.

Plain Jane?s standards are rising

Sure, Stan has the advantage of extra face-time with Jane, which he can use to build comfort.

The question is: does Jane really need an average guy like Stan any more?

There are thousands of men inside her smartphone who have more than Stan.?

Evidence suggests if she creates a Tinder account or?posts a few half-decent thirst traps on social media, she?ll attract plenty of online compliments.

This has to be messing with her ego.

Women, already widely accused of trying to bat way above their sexual market value, must surely hold an even higher opinion of themselves.

Add to this:

  • they have constant access to a string of men ready to date them;??
  • they have less need than ever to be financially supported by a man.

It?s a formula that means poor Stan doesn?t have a hope in hell.??And that?s with average girls! The chase for the perfect 10s has escalated to the point that Stan might as well be invisible.?

Why 2019 is the year to level up

As bad as this trend is for the ?Average Stans? of the world, it should be music to the ears of higher-value men across the globe.

Once you?ve got the fundamentals of being an attractive man nailed down, create a decent Tinder profile and learn how to get girls on Instagram, the world could be your oyster.

If you want any form of satisfying sex life this year and beyond, you might have to make 2019 the year you level up.

Those who do could be rewarded more handsomely than ever before.


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