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    Advanced College Pranks, Part 2

    img Posted September 29, 2010

    A few months ago I wrote up a piece called ?Advanced College Pranks? in which I listed off some clever ways to fool your buddies. Well if none of those were to your liking, or you ...


    Necessary Viewing: Optical Illusion Ball Trick

    img Posted May 21, 2010

    My internal commentary while watching the below video: Oh, this one’s simple. It’s obviously just some kind of magnet at the top of the ramp that is drawing this obviously magn ...


    More Great Party Themes

    img Posted August 20, 2009

    Man, I realized after writing my article on the 7th Grade Party theme that the world needs even more frivolous excuses for people to get inebriated. So, without further ado, peep t ...


    I am so confused…

    img Posted July 8, 2009

    I must be losing my mind.  Something is happening to me and I can’t figure it out.  I use to love getting reactions out of people!  In fact, approximately 30% of my action ...


    How to Have Sex in Cars Built for Dwarfs

    img Posted December 18, 2008

    In this age of going green, volatile oil prices, and environmentalism, things are shifting in the auto industry. Car makers who don’t want to go bankrupt will have to give in ...