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    The Truth About Looks, Money and Game

    img Posted October 29, 2010

    Which Came First, the Chicken or the Egg? Does being good-looking matter? Does having money matter? Does having game even matter!?!?!? These are the age-old questions that wars hav ...


    Relating to Women Emotionally: The Key to Attraction

    img Posted December 28, 2009

    How to?Create Emotional Connections with a Woman People think logically, but behave emotionally. Just think of what drives you. If you were getting ready to workout, would you read ...


    Zen and the Art of Modern Dating: An Inquiry into Seduction

    img Posted August 31, 2009

    I can tell how she leans her body into me – even as I angle myself behind her to guide her hands around the pool stick – that she’s smiling. The bar is smoky and humid, yet h ...


    Sparring Practice

    img Posted November 20, 2008

    Yesterday I wrote about a huge realization I came to after reading Psycho Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz. My realization revolved around an idea that Maltz talks about in his book. P ...


    Sinn’s Free Game Acceleration Ebook Download

    img Posted October 26, 2008

    One of the highlights of the Super Conference was getting to meet some of the legends of the community. Sinn is one of the guys that has just contributed so much and has really mad ...


    Roosh Says: Why It’s Important To Settle In

    img Posted August 6, 2008

    I noticed something that increases my approach success rate. When I was in my “approach machine” phase, what I would do is walk into a bar, do a quick scan for girls, a ...


    Hanging out with AFC Adam Lyons (Part 2)

    img Posted June 18, 2008

    Here is the second part of our seven part video with AFC Adam Lyons from PUA Training. It’s funny, I thought this would be a fairly short interview with him, but we ended up ...

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