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    How To Be A Player In College

    img Posted September 18, 2013

    Ohh college, glorious college days? Although everybody knows that college is the place for sexual exploration, a place where horny girls exist in bigger numbers than fat people at ...


    How To Avoid Being Identified As A Player

    img Posted May 30, 2013

    I liked Natasha?s post about pickup techniques that all women know about, and I wanted to wade in with my two cents. She?s right, women are savvy about old school pickup tricks lik ...


    The 6 Traits That Define A Player

    img Posted May 1, 2013

    I didn?t have these traits when I started but they are probably the main reason why I am able to call myself a player today. They are incredibly important and encompass the so call ...


    The 38 Rules That Define A Player

    img Posted December 13, 2012

    Experience is what makes the player good at what he does. Over the past years, he?s done some of the most ridiculous stuff imaginable but, only by doing that was he able to eventua ...


    When She Thinks You’re a Player

    img Posted September 24, 2012

    You?re going to have some problems if the woman you?re seeing knows that you?re a player. It may even be what attracted her to you in the first place. Women are attracted to ladies ...


    Answering The “Player” Question

    img Posted November 28, 2011

    ?You?re like, some kind of player, aren?t you?? I hear this one all the time – not only as a question posed by women I meet, but also from clients who get the same question, ...


    Play or Be Played

    img Posted January 7, 2009

    So I was at my girlfriends apartment the other night, and while she was in the bathroom I was scanning her bookshelf to see if there was anything interesting. And I find this book ...

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