Where to Meet Women


By: Bobby Rio

Where to Meet Single Women

Let?s face it, as we get older and get out of school, the amount of available ways to meet women begins to decline.

Sure, we can meet some women at work, but most of the times these women aren?t single.? Plus, we all not its not smart to mess around with a co-worker.

So where do you go to meet single women?

I?ve discovered a few places that making it easy to meet and date new women.

Best Places to Meet Women

Ok. Before I get into where to meet women, let?s first talk about what makes a? location a good spot to meet women.

There are several things you want to look for that will make it more likely that you are going to come across the type of woman you?re interested in.

1. It should be recurring.

This means that the best places to meet women are places where you will see the same women over and over.? It is very difficult to create a real sense of connection the first time you meet someone.

This is why bars and clubs are NOT good places to meet women.? Once you leave that environment you tend to mentally and emotionally forget the person you were chatting with.

You? have a much better shot at turning an encounter into a date the second or third time you?re talking.

Also, there is a certain law that we find people more attractive the more times we are exposed to them.? This allows you to seduce women who are slowly becoming attracted to you simply from being around you so often.

2.? It should be an environment you excel at

When I see an older guy lurking around a college bar you have to feel sorry for the guy.? He is usually not having any fun, the girls are not paying him any attention, and he will more than likely go home without meeting a woman.

This is because this environment is not right for him.? You have to choose a place where you shine.

Women like to see a man who appears as the leader or alpha male of the group.? They want a guy that displays confidence and passion.

For this reason its best to meet women in places where you can be the star.

For instance, if you?re a natural leader, then places where you can take on the role of leader are great? ie) charity causes

Or if you?re a great athlete than you might want to consider meeting women at adult social sports like tennis, golf, or softball leagues.

Where to Meet Women

?Okay with that being said let?s talk about some of my personal favorite places to meet single women.

1. Salsa Class

Salsa class is a fun, social environment where you?ll find lots of single women looking to meet new people.

If a woman shows up there without a boyfriend or husband it is a sure sign that she is looking to meet someone.

2.? Meetup.com

This is a great site that you can use to find groups of meeting in your area meeting up to discuss passions.

You?ll find just about any interest you have there, and a group of people meeting up over it.

So if you?re into art, or music, or skiing, or cooking,? you can quickly find a place where other enthusiasts are gathered.?? These are women you already share mutual interest with.

3.? Adult Social Sports

These sort of leagues are gaining in popularity and more and more men and women are looking for things to do with there free time.

There are leagues for:

  • Volleyball
  • Tennis
  • Softball
  • Golf
  • Dodgeball
  • Mountain Climbing
  • Biking
  • And much more

What?s great is that these sports will also help keep you in shape.? Which will increase your odds of attracting a woman.

4. ?Part Time Job at a Chick Friendly Place ?(restaurant, bartender, gym, real estate agency)

5. ?Charity Organizations

6. ?Networking/Young Professional Meetings

Other Places to Meet Women

If you still wondering where to meet women, and can?t commit to a weekly or monthly lesson, then there are some other ideas that will give you a better chance of success than bars or clubs.

I would check your area for professional networking events, industry gatherings, single cruises, speed dating, or single?s events.

What?s great about the above mentioned locations are that they are very easy places to meet women since women are going to these events with the sole purpose of talking to new people.

So those are some of my favorite places to meet women.

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