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Here is an email I got from Attract and Date. It is a basic little article about appearing more in control and confident during conversations

How Learn to talk better

Mastering Sub Communication:

Posture: Head-up, chin-high, shoulders-back, standing up straight communicates power.

Moving, walking, and gestures: Moving quickly communicates nervousness. Moving more SLOWLY communicates power, dominance, and leadership. Work to slow down you walking, moving, and all of your gestures, including seemingly subtle things work on breathing more slowly and even blinking your eyes more slowly. This communicates extreme power.

Talk slower! People who are nervous tend to talk fast. Talk slower!

Speaking slowly communicates that you’re in power and in total control of both yourself and the situation at hand. If you have a squeaky or nasal tone of voice, work on developing a deeper tone.

Use pauses while you are talking to grab people’s attention and add drama and mystique. This further solidifies an image of supreme power and control.

Use framing when first walking into a room or a bar or even a nightclub, STOP right in the doorway for a second or two, quickly scan the room, then continue walking in. This sets you up as the leader and establishes the room or office as YOUR territory.

If you cross your legs, be sure to do it at an angle where your foot, not your knee, is pointed toward the prospect. Body language research has shown that pointing your knee at the person shuts the person out. Pointing your foot at the person when crossing your legs includes the person into your pack of which you’re the leader.

Be territorial. Leaders are territorial by taking up a lot of space. Powerful people lean back and take up lots of space. They are sitting back with their arms open wide and hands on the table. Weak, submissive people have closed posture such as leaning in with crossed arms (or hands in their lap) and ankles locked together.

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