What to Say to a Girl


By: Bobby Rio

Things to Say to a Girl You Like

If you found this article, it’s probably because you don’t know what to say to a girl you like.

I know how frustrating and humiliating it can be to like a girl, want to talk to her, but have no clue what kind of things to say to a girl.

In this article I want to talk about what type of “talk” girls find attractive, how to introduce different topics into a conversation, and most importantly, I’ll explain exactly what to say to a girl you like.

When you know what kind of things to say to a girl, how to say them in a way that turns her on, and can keep a conversation flowing, in a fun, flirtatious way, it is very easy to learn how to get a girl to like you.

What to Say to Start a Conversation with a Girl

You’ve probably been in a situation where you were fairly certain a girl liked you.? Maybe she was giving you a lot of eye contact, smiling at you, or maybe she even told someone she found you attractive.

But, even though she was right in front of you, and you could easily have made your move, you had know I idea what to say to the girl to start the conversation with her.

4 Fun Conversation Topics to Say to Girls

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Key Concepts About What to Say to Women

Rob’s advice from this article:

1. You + Me = Us

Whenever trying to meet and attract girls, you want to create a connection in as little time as possible. The sooner you can transition yourself from ?stranger? to ?hot guy? the better. Therefore, creating a ?you and me? vibe rather than a ?you versus me? vibe should be on the tip of your tongue when you start talking to girls. You can play it humorous (?Hey, you look like my future ex-wife?), rapport generating (?Wow, I think me and you are the only two people in this bar who truly appreciate Phil Collins?), or serious (?Hi, I?m Rob. I just had to come over to meet you?). Unless a girl is acting like a complete brat, there?s no need to drive a wedge between you. In fact, creating a ?you and me? vibe preempts future bullshit because it gives you a reason to get along if she starts acting up (?Honey, why would you treat the only other soul who enjoys Phil Collins like this? Come on, this isn?t us?). Whether you create role-plays for one another, bond over common interests, or just connect through the environment or situation, the theme of ?you and her? should permeate throughout the interaction and, ideally, your relationship.

More flirting techniques?from this article:

1.)??? Abruptly changing the subject of a conversation

When people talk, they fall in a rhythm of complacency where one person follows the other, keeping the conversation moving in a familiar direction. This allows people to relax and unwind ? which is the exact opposite of flirting. While it?s not recommended you become an uber-weirdo and wildly jump from topic to topic, you should understand the tension, excitement, and leadership involved in redirecting a conversation.


Her: ?Blah blah, so then my friend said we should shopping and??
You: ?Hold up, did you just say you love the band Journey?!?
Her: ?No, I was saying about my friend and sh-?
You: ?Oh man, I LOVE Journey! I hope you have not stopped believing!?
Her: ?Haha, yeah, that song is great!?

Here’s a few tips for things to say to start talking to a girl you like:

1.? Try to jump right into a conversation.? When you spend too much time with small talk the conversation tends to get boring, and you might lose attraction that she feels for you.

The best way to do this is to pull her into a conversation you were already having. ?For instance, if you’re talking to your friends about something (especially anything with a little “drama” to it) simply turn to a girl and ask her opinion on whatever you’re talking about.

Did you notice how in the example conversation that I gave you never spent time with formal introductions or “getting to know you” chit chat.

2.? Quickly establish yourself as a flirt.? In order to get a girl to like you it is important that she sees you as a flirtatious guy.? If not, you might wind up in the friend zone.

This means that early on in the conversation you should begin to playfully tease her and make it clear to her that you’re interested in her in a romantic and sexual way.

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3. ?Use “openers” ?as things to say to a girl you like. One of the best ways to make sure that you always have something to say to a girl you like is to have a few things ready beforehand.? In this article all about PUA openers I talk about what kind of opening lines work best for girls.

Sweet Things to Say to A Girl You Like

Most guys think that you need to say sweet things to a girl you like.? This is not really the case.? In fact, sometimes being “too nice” can have you wind up in the friend zone.

This is why it is important to make sure that you talk about things with a girl that will lead to attraction. ?This usually involves learning how to flirt.

So what do you say to a girl you like?

1.? Tease her.? Teasing is the easiest and quickest way to get a conversation with a girl to a fun, flirtatious level.? It will establish you as a flirt, and it will create “chemistry” between you and her. ?Here is a good primer on how to tease a girl.

2. Make Statements and express your opinions.? Too many guys treat a conversation with a girl like it is a job interview.? Instead of simply asking and answering questions about each other, tell her what you notice about her.? Make statements that let her see your real “personality.”

3. Use conversation ?games? to keep the mood fun and flirtatious.? Games can be anything? like ?truth or dare? or to less extreme games like the ?5 questions game?.? You can learn some of my favorite games here.

4. Don?t compliment her too much.? If a girl is attractive than chances are she has already heard all the standard compliments about her looks.? Never compliment a girl on her looks, eyes, or body.? Instead, its better to compliment her on her sense of style, her sense of humor, or something “quirky” you notice about her.

5.? Talk about emotional topics.? The best topics for conversation are ones that create an emotional experience for her.? Some examples of these kinds of topics are childhood memories, music, future ambitions, traveling, or stories about overcoming obstacles or struggle.

8 Mistakes That Turn Women Off Sexually

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Funny things to say to a girl

Most guys are way to preoccupied with trying to be funny.? But what I’ve found is that it is much easier to make a girl laugh than you could possibly imagine.

More Things to Say to a Girl You Like

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Isn’t it about time you learn what to say to a girl?

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