My Take on Why Joe D’s Game is Flat

First off, I can only speak of Joe D’s game from the bits and pieces that I’ve seen of it on the televison show “The Pick-up Artist” But I know a lot of guys with the same learning blocks as Joe so I feel qualified to discuss his flaws.

I’m going to adress something right away to clear the air before I continue.? Yes, Brady and Kosmo will have it easier in the field than Joe simply because they are each 100 pounds lighter.? But I’m not just saying this, I know guys fatter than Joe who are constantly walking around with beautiful girls.? Of course, they are in the mafia, but thats a whole nother story.

Joe needs to attract women.? He’s not a bad looking guy.? But he’s not good looking enough to? skate by on his looks.? So how does he attract women?? Here is my plan (which is basically just an outline of the Mystery Method):

1.? He should concentrate on mixed sets.? Guys will not be intimidated by him so they will welcome him into the set. He should then run the entire set in a similiar fashion that he ran the pool party.? Tell jokes, be the life of the party… but his stories need to demonstrate higher value.? If you read my post the other day you know that the best way to demonstrate higher value is to make girls believe that you are wanted by other women.? Joe needs to tell a great story that subtly hints that he is used to be with beautfiul women.? If you’ve seen Resovoir Dogs, Joe needs to practice and perfect his story the way Mr Orange perfected his.

2. After asking the set how they know one another and determining which of the girls is single, he needs to immediately choose his target.? This is crucial because once you’ve chosen your target she is the one you’re going to pay the least attention to for a little bit.? At this point he should casually flirt with some of the other girls.? Do routines… (not more opinion openers) Routines like the best friends test, the cube, esp, whatever.? Just have the attention centered on you.

3.? After winning over the friends begin negging your target.? Just little playful jabs that make her wonder if you’re serious.? Make her wonder if you find her attractive.? Because unless you put this doubt in their mind, Joe, she’ll assume you do.? And then you’re no challenge. Once you’ve given her three negs you can relax.? She is now on your level.

4.? After continuing to entertain the friends for? a few minutes more, turn to the target and say something like “Come walk with me to get? a drink I feel like I’ve been ignoring you”? Deliver this line like you mean it.? Like she is probably genuinely upset that a charming guy like you is not paying attention to her.? Make her feel it. Make her feel special for being chosen.

5.? Once you’ve got her alone that is when you proceed to comfort building. Make some fluff talk on the way to get the drink’

6.? Pay attentoin to IOIs.? The thing with IOIs is girls in bars lose interest quickly.? If she’s given the IOIs and you’re not paying attention and don’t escalate the kino she’ll mentally move on.? Once you get three solid IOIs escalate the kino.? Grab her hand to walk here somewhere, begin touching her more as you talk.? If she doesn’t squirm away then you’re half way there.

7.? Reward her. She’s gone this far with you its okay now to compiment her.? But use push/pull. Compliment her but then jokingly take it away.? Keep the tension there.? Keep her guessing.

8. Either get the number or bounce. Staying at the club talking to her will only give you the opportunity to fuck it up? Something always goes wrong when you hang around the club too long.? One of her friends gets too drunk and she has to go baby sit, one of her ex boyfriend shows up, you get too drunk, and of these will kill the intimacy you’ve been building up.? So tell her you’ve got to run but you’d love to continue the conversation again and get her number. Or if it feels like a possibility invite her and her friends to another bar/club/diner/your house.

This is the Myster Method progression of game.? If you’re learning the Mystery Method this is how it works.? A lot of guys would die for the opportunity you’ve been given so run with it.

I want to see you get laid Joe.? (although i don’t actually want to phsycially see it)


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