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5 Keys to Playing the Role of Being Wanted

If you could make a girl believe one thing about you, what do you think would most make her want to date you?

That you’re rich? That you’re packing nine inches? That you’re insanely confident? That you’re talented, passionate, intelligent? That you’re the energizer bunny in bed?

If you guessed any of these things you’d be wrong for ninety nine percent of the women out there. If you want to fool a girl into believing any one thing about you it should be; That you are wanted by other women.

Girls are strange creatures. They are so unsure of their own opinion that they need to confirm it with the opinion of other women. If they like him “I should like him too” is the thought that goes through their minds.

So I’m going to give you a quick list of things you can do to achieve the perception to a girl you are interested in that you “get laid” and are in demand.

1. Through Storytelling

In some of the gambits Mystery uses this plays a huge part. Tell a story about you and a hot chick. The story has to indirectly reference that she was hot. Never say, “Me and my ex, who was really hot…” That sounds like you’re trying to impress her. Instead say, “One of the things me and my ex would fight about was the way she responded to the attention she got from men. I wasn’t jealous. I’m not a jealous person. But she was like a ham when she noticed guys gawking at her. To me thats just obnoxious.” You see you never said she was hot… But the girl will assume it. That example is a little over the top, but you get the point.

2. Through Pictures

Take as many pictures of your self with hot chicks as possible. I don’t care if these girls are friends, co-workers, ex girl friends, prostitutes, or your cousins. The point is to have these pics laying around your house or even in your car. Girls by nature love to look at pictures. When she flips through these pictures and sees you with all these girls a message will be delivered to her brain; “I better keep this one before he runs off with one of these girls”

3. Through Text Messages

When you’re out with a girl, try to set it up to have many of your friends call your cell phone or text you. Texting is even better. You can pull your phone out, read the text, and them quietly put your phone back in your pocket without mentioning it. Girls will always assume its girls texting you. The key to this is don’t mention the texts and don’t respond to the texts. Just read the texts and put the phone away. If she asks who keeps texting, just say “a friend”

4. Through Unavailability

Don’t always be available to hang out. And when you can’t hang out don’t give a reason. If she says “You want to get together Friday?” Say “Fridays no good?” Don’t say why. She won’t ask. You can then say “Saturday would work better.” or “How bout early next week” Either way she’ll assume that if you can hold off meeting her then you must be used to meeting attractive women, and be not at all phased by having to wait to see her.

5. Through Taking Hot Girls off a Pedestal

Never talk about how “hot” another girl is. Or how “hot” she is. If she asks you if you think Jessica Alba is good looking, don’t say “she’s hot” it sort of puts you in that category of college guys who reads Maxim magazine. Instead say, “she’s got a sexiness, but she’s not my type.” The girl will wonder what your type is, and if she fits it.

These are just five things you can begin immediately to present the image to women that you are in demand. If you’re already scoring hot babes this will just be things you do naturally and in turn will make you score even more babes.

The rich get richer my friends…

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