The Cool Kid

This is the 5th lesson in my “How to be Popular in High School” program. I highly suggest reading the introduction, and starting this program from the beginning if you haven’t already done so.

How you guys making out with the lessons so far? If you have any questions feel free to ask.

Lesson 5 “Be Cool”

I’m going to keep this lesson short, as I know most of you are still working on the previous lesson “Never Try to Sell Yourself. Get Others to do it For You

It amazes me how many guys say they want to be popular, score more chicks, go to better parties… yet they continue doing all the things that put them in the situation they’re in now. If you want these things: girls, popularity, excitement… you need to be the kind of guy who gets these things. Understand?

Look around at the guys that are scoring the most girls… the guys that have the most friends, the most social power… are you living a life similar to theirs? Or are you living the life of the hermit outsider? the sport obsessed dork? the Second Life nerd? the wannabe kiss ass? the lethargic pothead? Cause you can’t have both worlds.

If you want to run with the cool kids… you need to be cool. I don’t mean pretend you’re cool. You’ll get called out in a heart beat. I mean silently, on your own terms, become cool. How do you know what cool is? Well, if you’re serious about becoming more popular and banging the hot high school ass, you’re going to have to run with the cool crowd. What does the cool crowd do at your school?

The cool kids party, they snowboard, they surf, they DJ, they play sports, they date girls… Get the point? Are you doing these sort of things?

If you’re not you better start. And I don’t mean buy a surf board and tell everyone how you go surfing every weekend. I mean actually go surfing. Get good. I mean get comfortable dating girls.. Party like a rock star. Do the things that the cool crowd at your school are doing. Cause if you don’t like doing these things.. Then you probably shouldn’t bother trying to get popular.


  1. This is sort of similar to previous homework. I want you to start listening to the conversations of the cool kids and find out what they do when they’re not in school. Write down different interests of the different kids.
  2. After you’ve created a nice list of what the cool kids are doing with their free time, scan the list and see if there is anything on it that interests you.
  3. Begin involving yourself in a new activity. Keep it quiet. There is no need to tell anyone about it until you’re good and comfortable with it. Its always better to surprise people with your skill level. For instance, no need to brag how much you party, or much you can drink. When you go to a party… show them!

Thats it for today. I’ll be back in a couple days for the next lesson

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