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Text Message or Phone Call

girltextinginchair.jpgThere will always be the debate of the best way to pursue a girl. Recently I’ve posted Neil Strauss’s “Guide to Phone Game” which he gives some really great advice on communicating with the phone. About a month or so I posted Gypsy’s “Guide to Texting.”

Text Message or Phone Call by Badboy

So you got phone number from girl you like.

How long should you wait?

Should you call her or send text message?

My rule is that I dont wait too long to contact her. So If I took phone number Friday night, I will contact her Saturday afternoon, or Sunday during day.

So somewhere in 47 hours.

Text message ( SMS ) or Phone call?

Both are good, but both have bad sides.

In general phone call is better, because you can calibrate your voice to her voice, you have more control over conversation, while text message can be very non-personal.

So phone call is better in technology perspective, but problem with phone call is, will she answer?

Ratio of her answering phone call is between 40% – 60%. Depends by time you call, how strong rapport you had..etc.

Problem with phone calls is, if she doesnt picks her phone, they rarely return phone calls. Mostly never. While text message, makes them easy to reply. Even she is busy in moment, she will probably send something to you during day. So ratio of text messages is around 70%.

Avoid calling her several times during day.

If she didnt answered first time, dont call her 55X more times.

Imagine this : she is taking a shower, after shower she looks at her cell phone, and there is 8 missed calls from you ?!

PSYCHO alarm goes ON.

Texting or phone callSolution for this would be :call her once, and if she didnt answered 3 minutes later send a text message. So there is one Missed call and text message. Thats acceptable.

In text message write :  I trued to call you.. anyway your message

I use combo between phone calls, and text message.

So I will use text message to get her to first meeting (Coffee, whatever), then I will create more intimate thing between us, we would kiss, hold hands,we kinda become a couple. And after that, It will more and more private phone calls.

But again, please understand that this is very tricky cultural thing. India is probably different then Europe, and Europe then Brasil . So please consider taking Cultural element in overall furmula you do whth phone calls & text messages.

Every country is different, find out what works for you. I am giving you roadmap.

Text Game (Brando)

After a sarge and taking girls number, I like to text her first to establish rapport. Depending on how the meeting went, I will wait
anywhere from couple of minutes to next afternoon to text her but I ALWAYS do it soon.

More about taking phone numbers, find here.

First text will be “OMG <nickname> I miss you so much already…” or “It was lovely to meet you.. Hope you have a good night” something to establish rapport with her for future contact.

I like to set up the first date through text messaging or a brief phone call. For sure though, I am going to be using text messages a lot during first few days of talking with her. Texts are easy and don’t require a lot less effort than phone on her part. The pattern usually goes lot of texting with few phone calls, then less texting and more private phone calls as time goes on.

In the messages themselves, stay playful. Think of original way to open the conversation, like “I just realized something” or “You know, I just heard a song that reminds me of you” SOMETHING other than just asking what she is doing. Don’t send long winded paragraphs, it is better to stay punchy and send a long message in blocks.

Also, in texting make sure to give her a teaser, like “You know something just occured to me………”. Let her reply, this will usually make her very curious. Then when she replies back with somehting like “what, what?!” keep it up. Say “very important”, then let her reply again. Build the tension before you ask some silly question like “Do you like bowling” or “So how is your day going”

Calibrate how long it takes her to reply. If it takes her longer than 10 minutes, I’ll say something like “Awww….are your little fingers broken?” and no matter is she replies or not, wait at least an hour before you try again.

Change your life. Let me teach you secrets of direct game.

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