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Super Conference and Playboy Party Weekend Report (w/pics)


9:00 am

We wake up. We’re all a bit groggy but anxious to start the day. We head down stairs for breakfast.

9:30 am

It is like celebrity sightings at breakfast. We sit and eat breakfast while pointing out various PUAs walking by. As we leave we run into Fader who Stoute recognizes from a bootcamp he sat in at in NY. We chat with Fader for a few then decide to head back to the room and get organized.

12:00 pm

Savoy takes the stage to a huge ovation. This is the Love Systems introduction speech and I thought that he handled it very well.

He made several points during this speech that really changed my opinion on a few matters regarding openers, routines, and using a particular method to attract women.

One of the first comments that he made was in regards to the diversity of his instructors. Looking at the Love Systems team it is immediately apparent that there is no common “look” or attitude that they they all share. Savoy made a comment to the like of “Just take a look at our instructors and you can see that our material works for every different kind of person.” And he was right, the group of instructors consisted of short Asian guys, tall and feminine looking, stocky and athletic, plain bizarre, some well dressed, some peacocked out, some in sweat pants… there was no one defining characteristic that they all shared physically. I thought that this must have been welcoming to the very diverse crew of attendees.

The attendees of the Super Conference were a varied bunch as well. There was every single ethnicity represented… and guys from 19-50 there. Some seemed to be complete newbies, while others seemed to be seasoned veterans just looking to add some new techniques to their game.

The second statement that Savoy made that really opened up my view was in regards to “Natural” vs. “Routine” game. After commenting on the whole “just be yourself approach” preached by many of the “natural” game enthusiasts, he asked the crowd “How’s natural game working out for you so far?”

It was right then when I began to see some error in my recent rants against routine based game. Savoy then went on to compare learning a system such as “The Mystery Method” to learning an art for such as music. When you first learn to play music it is important that you learn all the notes, transitions, keys, and the like. The quickest and easiest way to do this is practicing playing songs created by the popular musicians. Playing these songs gives you the opportunity to how it is all put together. Once you master playing other people’s songs you can begin creating your own… and break the rules any which way you like. But very few musicians can get good at creating their own songs without first learning some of the masters. I thought this was a very good analogy and one that honestly changed my opinion a lot on my whole “just be your best self” rants I’ve been pushing on our radio shows. I kind of now liken using routines to a cover band playing other artists songs to earn a living, practice their skills, and develop stage presence. The key is to go on to develop your own songs (routines) once you’ve mastered the fundamentals and are comfortable playing in public.

1:00 pm

Sheriff took the stage to discuss “Approach anxiety.” I only stayed for about 15 minutes of this speech because I wanted to check out the “body language” exercises in the break out room downstairs. Sheriff did make one point that I found interesting and wanted to pass along to you guys. He said something along the lines of “Just having the courage to approach a girl, go for the kiss, or ask for the number, shows an incredible amount of higher value. Most guys don’t do this… so when you do, the girl is immediately thinking ‘what does this guy have going for him that he has the balls to go for it'” It is a completely true statement, and one worth keeping in your head when you go out.

1:15 pm

Cajun was leading a talk on body language downstairs in the breakout room. It was done panel style with Cajun, Kisser, Biskit, Big Business, and 5.0. Cajun has written some great posts on body language so it was interesting to see him demonstrate it. Anyone who has seen Keys to the Vip knows that Cajun practices what he preaches. What you don’t realize from watching the video is that Cajun is short as fuck. Truly an inspiration for all the short guys out there who use their height as an excuse for their problems with women.

2:15 pm

Stoute and Pete join me downstairs to do some filming in the “Approach” breakout room. Much of the value of the Super Conference really comes from these breakout room sessions. There were about 12 instructors down there coaching guys in groups on the proper way to approach and deliver the opener.

3:30 pm

We get lost coming back from lunch but make it just in time for Savoy’s and The Don’s presentation on “how to use routines.” The attendees were all given a 15 page sample pack of some of the best routines from The Love Systems Routines Manual. This was the first glance I’ve had of the manual and browsing through found some good ones I hadn’t heard before. Downstairs in the breakout room the other instructors were giving the attendees a session on using routines and cheat sheets. This session reminded me of the Vh1 Pickup Artist contestants standing around with their scripts practicing with one another. I am not exaggerating when I say that my appreciation of routine based game has grown considerably from these two sessions. I also become aware of how myself and other naturals that I know consistently use routines without even realizing what they are doing.

5:15 pm

Mike, Pete, and I head upstairs to get ready for the Playboy Mansion Party. There were quite a few seminars still going on that I wanted to see… including Sinn’s guest speech, Cajun on “closing the deal” and the break out room session on “kino escalation.” But when Hef and the Bunnies are calling… you have no choice but to leave.

6:30 pm

The realization that I’m headed to the Playboy Mansion sets in. I flash back to episode of Entourage where they party at the mansion. I remember thinking I have to party there once before I die…. And here I am… on my way! I plaster my Facebook wall with this fact, and text every one of my friends!

7:00 pm

A cab drops us off at a hotel for the “pre-party.” This is where the shuttle buses pick us up and drive us to the mansion. The hotel lobby is crawling with typical perfectly plastic LA girls in ridiculously skimpy outfits. The kind of outfits you would get arrested in NY for wearing in public. The three of us down a couple Coronas to “take the edge off.” Hey, its a hard knock life… but somebody has to live it!

7:25 pm

We arrive at the pearly gates. The place has a glow and radiance I’ve yet to experience before. As we exit the shuttle bus we are bombarded by the sensation of flashing cameras, bright lights, eager pussy, and an aura of general excitement. Pete the Freshman has a bad case of perma-grin.

7:35 pm

After snapping some photos with some bunnies, the three of us had to the bar for our first official round of drinks in Hef’s house. We start easy with some Japanese beer.

8:00 pm

We’ve already finished three rounds of drinks, are now “loosened up” and ready to go! We decide to do a lap of the place and explore a little bit.

8:20 pm

Coming back from the bathroom I run into Mr. M, Sphinx, Big Business, and a couple other of the Super Conference students. We bullshit for a bit, and I take off to find Mike and Pete.

8:45 pm

Mike opens a three set of hired help with his famous “can I get a light” opener that he’s been using all night. After lighting his cigarette he introduces himself to the group, and Pete and I take this as our cue to step in. After a little fluff conversation we find out that the girls have been brought in by Hef as “pool decoration.” This means that there job for the night is to swim around in the pool topless.

Two of the girls are from Long Island New York, the other girl is from an obscure town in Cali. This is all three of their first times at the mansion, and they are downing drinks as fast as we are.

After a few minutes of joint mingling, and stumbling to get our stories straight about what we do for a living… we casually pair off.

The girl I am talking to is pretty attractive (but not LA hot) We talk for a few about the difference between LA girls and Jersey girls. Somehow the topic of conversation turns to the size of her breasts…which were on the small side. I qualify her by telling her I applaud her for not giving in and jumping on the fake breast bandwagon that most of the LA girls seem to have jumped on. She then tells me, and I quote “Yea, my agent said that even though my breasts are kind of small… I have a good chance of getting into Playboy because I have the world’s best pussy. He says its the nicest pussy he’s ever seen.” I ask her what qualities of her pussy are so outstanding that it qualifies for world’s best. She tells me that its shaped perfectly, isn’t beat up looking like most stripper’s cooches, and has more of a pink color than the brown tint that many girls have. I tell her that “I really hope I get a chance to see it… in Playboy”

I have determined that Los Angeles is the single easiest place in the United States to get laid. I have also determined that I would never actually date a girl from LA, as they seem to have the brains of a pet rock. This fact was later confirmed by some guys from Playboy Mexico who summed it up… Its easy to get laid in LA because the girls are hot, stupid, and insecure…

The girl excuses herself to get ready for her tour of duty as naked pool ornament.

9:15 pm

The girl Pete is talking to wants to introduce us to the DJ for the night. We tell the group of girls that we’ve actually posted pictures of her on our website. When we are introduced to the DJ the girls tell her that we’ve posted pictures of her on our magazine. The DJ doesn’t even seem mildly impressed. Pete than blurts out “don’t you have blonde hair” to the DJ who now just seems genuinely annoyed with us. Sensing that the DJ was a complete cunt, I say “No the DJ we posted was a hot blonde… I’ve never seen this one before.” The DJ then just turns her back to us and walks away.

10:00 pm

On the way back from the bathroom I spot the Love Systems guys again. I guzzle gin and tonics while discussing a mutual love of South American women with Sphinx. Mr. M and I chat a bit about AFC Adam, social circle game, and the prospects of picking up a Playboy Bunny… which Mr. M has apparently done.

10:15 pm

I return to find Mike and Pete chatting with two guys from Playboy Mexico. The guys are extremely friendly and know many of the playmates, so we wind up chilling with them for awhile. They are extremely fond of Colombian women, so I tell them the story of my recent adventure in Medellin, and we then argue over which country contains the hottest women.

The fashion show begins at this point, and we finally get an up close view of Hef’s new twins. Playboy Mexico gets a round of Patron shots… Pete the Freshman balks at doing his shot, so Mike and I share his cupful as well.

It is at this point that the night begins to get extremely blurry. Everything stated from this point on is based on vague memories and hearsay.

11:30 pm

The pool girls from earlier come and find us. The “girl with the perfect pussy” tells me that she’s happy to find me as I am the only interesting guy she’s talked to all night. At this point I am literally seeing two of her, and am struggling to sound coherent, let alone run game. I open my mouth to talk and quickly realize I have no control of my motor functions. I lean back onto a table and she comes closer towards me. In an effort to spare myself my dignity I decide to bid her fairwell… I tell her “It was a pleasure meeting you, and I wish both you and your perfect pussy the best of success.” I kiss her on the check and wander away.

11:45 pm

As told to me the next day by Mr. M and Pete the Freshman, and recently recounted by Mike Stoute here at TSB, apparently Mike and his girl fell through a table making out… before getting pried apart by her “agent.”

3:00 am

I am standing in the hallway of my hotel in only my boxers. I am locked out our room and banging on the door profusely. After several minutes the door opens and Pete lets me in. He asks me where I have been, I shrug, stumble to the bed, and pass out.

continued on next page…

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