Advanced Pickup Techniques: Value Calibration

Value Calibration in Pickup

I once approached a girl a couple girls standing who were standing together at a frat party I was at. The girls were incredibly hot, so I went with high octane cocky funny… probably more cocky than funny. My thought was I needed to break through their bitch shields and get the upper hand in the conversation. I don’t remember exactly what I said, but I pissed them both off very quickly.

Why? Because the girls self perceived value was no where near I imagined it to be, and even though they were hot, they were extremely insecure and weren’t putting up a bitch shield.

This is a key example of why you can’t always judge a book by its cover. Some really hot girls don’t view themselves as having a tremendous amount of social value, and when you go out of your way to make them aware of it… you’ll drive them away.

I knew quite a bit of the people at the party, so when I came over and negged the girls a couple times, it only made them more insecure about not knowing too many people there. In my mind I was demonstrating higher value… but to the girls, I already had it, and was just rubbing salt in their wounds.

So how do you determine how she views herself? Her mannerisms, her relationships with others in the field (strangers and friends) the way others treat her, her body language, her values, etc. You can size this up early on.

Is it still possible to get a girl you miscalculated her social value?

Mystery uses something he calls a “calibrator”. A calibrator is a statement or comment that sort of demonstrates lower value to the woman you want and reels her back with niceness. If you feel you mis calibrated a set, pay some compliments to them right after your neg or blatant DHV.

This was something that I had a lot of difficulty with when I was first implementing cocky/funny. I was often get negative feedback, and I’d take it that the girls were just not into me… the truth was that I was probably negging girls that didn’t need to be negged based on the fact that I’ve always had a high social value, and am not below average in looks.

Had I known the process of calibrating I could have had some canned material ready for times that I pissed girls off or insulted them. I could have handled the situation by coming back with something like:

“Hey girls, I’m apologize if I came off like a dick. Sometimes I am socially uncalibrated and don’t know how not to cross the line. I hope you can forgive me for my imperfections as I am only human… Besides I really just wanted to talk to the tow of you and was just being playful.”

What is great about using a calibrator is that is kind of opens up that push/pull dynamic that creates rapport as you are igniting contradictory feelings in her. Which can produce powerful emotions in her.

Value is never permanent, and completely relative to each and every particular social encounter. A good pickup artist is a master at quickly adapting to an interaction based on the feedback he is given.

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